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Fig. 1.36(c)
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Proposed Solutions
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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12. Click OK to close the SQL Editor. The condition object properties should now look like the illustration at right: 13. Click OK to close the Object Properties screen. 14. Click Save to save the universe changes. If necessary, export the changes to the repository with File | Export. When users build a query, they can now add the condition object to the condition panel.
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Citrix XenApp Client Configuration and Deployment
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6. Next, type the example program into the Example.cs window and then save the file. (You can download the source code to the programs in this book from so you won t have to type in each example manually.) When done, your screen will look like this:
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C++ from the Ground Up
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The following program shows IsIn( ) and InRange( ) in action:
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Fibre Channel Fabric (FC-SW) Fabric networks use switched network technology, similar to switched Ethernet. A fabric switch divides messages into packets containing data and a destination address, and then transmits the packets individually to the receiving node, which reassembles the message. Fabric switches can cascade, allowing a SAN to support thousands of nodes.
Operator Overloading
NOTE Basic threat detection only affects the performance of the appliance when the appliance detects dropped packets or a potential threat. But even in this scenario, the impact of basic threat detection in the appliance is very minimal. Once enabled, the appliance uses the default event thresholds in Table 24-1 to determine if a threat exists; these can be seen on the appliance with the show running-config all threat-detection command. These rates are used by the appliance to determine when a device is considered a victim or attacker. You can see two packet rates in the table: the average event rate over a time interval, as well as a burst event rate over a shorter time interval. The burst rate is 1/60th of the average rate or 10 seconds, whichever value is higher. When events are detected by the appliance, they are tallied over the various intervals and compared with the respective thresholds. If only one threshold average or burst is exceeded for a security event, then only one log message is generated. However, if both thresholds are exceeded, then the appliance will generate two log messages one for each event. If the threshold is exceeded multiple times during the time interval of a security event, only one message is generated for the threshold (otherwise you d be flooded with possibly hundreds of log messages). Optionally you can override the default thresholds of the events in Table 24-1 with the threat-detection rate command, shown here:
Stop and Breathe
A box is to be made from a sheet of cardboard that measures 12 12 . The construction will be achieved by cutting a square from each corner of the sheet and then folding up the sides (see Figure 3.12). What is the box of greatest volume that can be constructed in this fashion
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Even though Ethernet is the main layer 2 technology used in LAN networks for many years, it does have two main disadvantages:
4: General Gynecology
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