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A DVD-9 utilizes two separate layers of data. The data layer closest to the laser is composed of a semi-re ective coating that enables the laser to focus on it for data reading or to focus through it to the next higher layer to read the data from the more re ective surface. The capacity of the DVD-9 disc, shown in Figure 2 - 8, is 8.5 Gigabytes. The two substrates of a dual-layer disc are bonded together using one of two methods: By means of an optically transparent adhesive lm that af xes the layers to each other Through a photopolymer material that combines the second layer on top of the rst on a single substrate which is then bonded to the blank substrate
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Session Establishment
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Part I:
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tatic Sensitivity
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Extending the Power of Platinum Feature Pack 1
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Asymmetry of color and structure Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3) Irregular dark blotches (white arrows) Diffuse bluish-white color Irregular dots (circle) Milky-red globules (black arrows) Milia-like cyst (red arrow)
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Logical topology using VLANs
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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Smart Home Foundations
y ' ( 2 ) = 12(2)2 + 6 ( 2 ) - 2 = 48+ 12 --2 = 58
Biophysical Topics
It s not hard to think up a more compelling and fresh sales slogan than The Best deals in town. Once you have that ideal slogan, consider the good and bad points in the previous example, approach your sales message with taste and sensitivity, lean but don t push, and you cannot go wrong. You ve seen in this chapter how to define a font, how to find a font, how to find and save an individual character, and how to put the whole of your acquired knowledge into motion with some good working rules for the ambitious sign-maker. There s a lot more in store in the following chapters on working with text. It s not just about signs: you ll see how to work with the Text Tool to its fullest potential, creating extraordinary logos and headline treatments, and then work your way up to outstanding page layouts and special design needs such as reverse printing, flawless character alignment, special effects, and more. You ve read enough text in this chapter; let s move on and actually work with text!
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Inserting and Deleting Elements in a Vector
SCSI Considerations
Figure 4.6 A cross-sectional view of a surface LED. Light is emitted over a broad spectrum, and even the use of a focusing lens results in a coupling efficiency of approximately 2 percent.
Layer Zero
Depending on the Presentation Server environment, several features included with Presentation Server allow further secure communications between clients and Presentation Servers. Presentation Server includes support for ICA encryption, which uses RSA s RC5 encryption, between Presentation Servers and clients. Support for open standards technology was added with the release of MetaFrame XP, Feature Release 1. Feature Release 1 added Citrix SSL Relay, which uses standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption between MetaFrame XP servers and clients. MetaFrame XPe and later versions of Presentation Server include the Secure Gateway. Secure Gateway provides an SSL/TLS Internet gateway between Presentation Servers and clients located on the Internet. For more information about setting encryption, see the Secure Gateway for Windows Administrator s Guide, the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator s Guide, and the Administrator s Guides for the Presentation Server Client.
When moving objects, it s important to lift using your legs and position yourself carefully to avoid back injury. However, when moving objects in CorelDRAW, it s a lot less stressful and you basically have two options: to move objects directly by using the Pick Tool and dragging and by using the keyboard arrows to precision nudge objects in any of the four possible directions. For information on moving and transforming objects, see the section Applying Precise Transformation, later in this chapter.
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