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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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Removes the last element in the vector. Adds an element with the value specified by val to the end of the vector. Returns the number of elements currently in the vector.
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Pay special attention to the way an array of function pointers is declared. Notice the placement of the parentheses and square brackets. Although the actual inventory routines are not developed, the following program illustrates the proper way to execute the functions by using the function pointers. Notice how the menu( ) function automatically returns the proper index into the pointer array.
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As you can see, each time total( ) is called, sum is initialized to zero.
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but the handholding isn t there as it is on Google. It might take longer to place an application on Amazon s Elastic Compute Cloud, but it offers richer APIs, including web services for REST and SOAP queries.
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Single and multiple indirection
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Since electric motors are efficient, the horsepower behind them in a real electric car can be shocking to the system initially (no pun intended). I just remember the first time I drove an electric car. When I stepped on that accelerator it took off! No questions asked. No engine with excessive parts to get in the way of that. Here are some technical points to understand when trying to find the right motor for your car. 1. Electric motors are rated at their point of maximum efficiency; they may be capable of 2 4 times their continuous rating but only for a few minutes (acceleration or hill climbing). Internal combustion engines are rated at the peak horsepower. For example, the FB1-4001A motor is rated as 30 hp continuous at 144V and 100 hp peak. The 5-minute rating of the FB1-4001A motor is 48 hp at 144V. 2. Each 1,000 lbs. of vehicle weight after conversion requires 6 8 hp. This is the continuous rating of the motor. So a 3,000-lb. conversion requires a motor that is rated at approximately 20 hp. More horsepower is required for higher speeds, heavier vehicles, and steeper terrains. 3. The available horsepower of a motor increases with voltage; for example, the FB1-4001A motor is rated at 18 hp continuous at 72V but is rated at 30 hp continuous at 144V. As the voltage is increased the rpm increases. Horsepower is a function of rpm 3 torque. 4. Although electric motors are rated as continuous, the motor can run at less horsepower. If only 10 hp is required for the speed then the motor runs at that reduced load. This is the function of the motor controller. 5. Operating continuously above the rated horsepower will eventually overheat and damage the motor. A motor that is rated at 150 amps can run at 300 amps for a short time (minutes), but longer periods can easily damage the motor. Do not buy an undersize motor for your vehicle for your application it will not last long. Current is what overheats components. 6. Highway speeds require greater horsepower. The horsepower required at 70 mph is four times the horsepower required at 35 mph. That means the current required is four times also, which means less range.
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Vagina (30%) Brain (10%) Liver (10%) Other (bowel, kidney, spleen) What are the good prognostic indicators for GTD Short duration between last pregnancy and disease (<4 months) Low hCG level (<40,000 IU/L) No metastatic disease to brain or liver No prior chemotherapy What are the poor prognostic indicators for GTD Long duration between last pregnancy and disease (>4 months) High hCG level (>40,000 IU/L) Brain or liver metastases Prior chemotherapy Development of disease after a term pregnancy What is the overall cure rate for GTD How does the diagnosis of GTD affect the prognosis for future pregnancies Over 90% It increases the risk of subsequent molar pregnancies; however, this risk is still low (1%)
The output from the program is shown here:
Pre business intelligence, I focused on work group computing tools. A new business unit VP was looking to improve productivity and computer literacy. In the late 1980s, this was the first time some people had ever seen a PC. Managers would scribble messages onto pieces of paper that secretaries typed and sent as e-mails. The secretaries printed incoming e-mails and manually distributed them. The new VP instructed managers to do their own e-mails and forbade the secretaries to type or print them anymore. People were dismayed and aggravated (hard to imagine today, with e-mail being so commonplace). At the time, though, his decisions were considered radical, and many wondered if it was a waste of time to expect mid-management to be typists. After everyone got over the shock of this radical change, productivity and computer literacy improved, and this same business unit eventually became an early adopter of business intelligence tools. I d like to think that the Internet has drastically boosted everyone s enthusiasm for BI tools and direct access to information, but there are still so many information boundaries in corporations. In those cases where users, gatekeepers, and influencers are resistant to business intelligence, it helps to have a strong decider to champion your implementation efforts.
Income Producer Plans
Figure 9-1 shows the components that make up each of the four functional areas of Application Streaming and a general summary of the types of tasks administrators must perform. Licensing Consists of the License Server and the License Management Console. Use the License Management Console to manage licensing. Administration (server farm) Farm servers IMA database Web Interface Access Management Console (used to configure and manage the server deployment and to publish streamed applications) Streaming Profiler Use the profiler to create streaming application profiles. Streaming Client and optional Program Neighborhood Agent Program Neighborhood Agent enumerates available applications for the user and the Streaming Client finds the correct application for the client workstation, sets up an isolation environment in which the application runs, and streams application files on demand. Consists of the following:
For the cascade, Fc No ______ Ni(Gc)
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