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Figure 11.3 Early EoS implementations
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the tremendous potential of this new development. To be successful with BIM it is critical to have qualified people working with the process. Several companies are expressing concern about the necessity of including BIM education into the construction management curriculum of university programs. There are several universities looking into the possibilities of developing such a curriculum; but as of Fall 2007, developed BIM programs are difficult to find. This is significant, since it takes a few years to bring such a curriculum to a productive level. At CSU Chico specific BIM classes have been taught since the Fall of 2004, and the first few qualified graduating students were ready to enter the industry in the summer of 2007. These classes had been in preparation for about two years before commencing. During the last few years of teaching BIM, it has become apparent that the field has particular characteristics that make it more attractive to persons with a specific type of personality. A desire for organization and accuracy is important, and an affinity for working with computers is also essential. The desire to plan and control and a passion for scheduling and coordination are important for the BIM manager. Many professionals and students in construction management do not necessarily fit this profile. The industry will soon be desperate for persons with qualified BIM experience, and the minimal activity in education in this field at this time is alarming. Since the professional builder already has the necessary skill set to deal with the construction profession, it will not take a lot of training to develop proficiency in the BIM process. On the other hand, as has already been noted, not every individual currently in the construction field will necessarily be a good candidate for BIM training. It is a reasonable goal to encourage construction professionals generally, to become at least literate in the BIM world.
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The nal step in the disc creation process is to apply artwork to the surface, either through a silk-screen process or lithographic printing, as discussed in 16, Disc Replication, Printing, and Packaging. The disc can then be packaged in any one of a number of different packaging types, as discussed in same chapter.
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typically termed backbone while ONUs typically aggregate traffic streams from individual subscribers and prepare them for transmission toward the OLT. ONUs additionally employ packet-prioritization mechanisms or scheduling, enabling full QoS support and enforcement of service-level agreements (SLAs) between the Internet service provider (ISP) and the end subscribers. The OLT typically employs complex mechanisms responsible for bandwidth allocation in the shared upstream channel as well as a number of agents dealing with registration of new subscriber units in the network, ranging, link control, and so on. Several multipoint topologies have been suggested for the access network, including tree, tree-and-branch, ring, or bus (see Figure 7.2 ). Use of 1 2 optical tap couplers and 1 N optical splitters allows for virtually any deployment architecture, thus making EPONs a very flexible architecture capable of meeting any requirements in terms of providing connectivity for end subscribers.
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When discussing the One learner s goals, developers should help Ones clearly connect the key development motivators listed below to specific coaching goals. This link may be obvious to learners as they discuss why each coaching goal is important, but if it is not, developers can do one of two things: (1) Ask One learners, What personal and professional benefits will you gain when you achieve this goal or (2) explain the connection between the goal and the motivator directly by saying, This could help you put less pressure and be less hard on yourself. Is that important to you
Use a Model of What Has Been Done Before You can learn a lot from professional applications. Look at what makes a good form and what makes a bad one learn from the professionals. Pay Attention to Detail When you have finished designing the layout of a form, check the details of each control s properties carefully. Make sure every control has an AcceleratorKey. At least the most important controls should each have a ControlTipText. Make sure that the TabIndex order is logical and straightforward.
1: C# Fundamentals
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