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FIGURE 8.10.
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Modular Policy Framework
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Function Session Management Data Sequencing
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// Format an enumeration. using System; class EnumFmtDemo { enum Direction { North, South, East, West } [Flags] enum Status { Ready=0x1, OffLine=0x2, Waiting=0x4, TransmitOK=0x8, RecieveOK=0x10, OnLine=0x20 }
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Viewing and Clearing Connections
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program, or simply are paid a base salary with annual merit adjustments. Select companies, however, like to provide an award to these individuals for assisting with a sales effort. Often, these pay plans are add-on spot awards.
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The important point to notice about the preceding program is that the verbatim string literals are displayed precisely as they are entered into the program. The advantage of verbatim string literals is that you can specify output in your program exactly as it will appear on the screen. However, in the case of multiline strings, the wrapping will cause the indentation of your program to be obscured. For this reason, the programs in this book will make only limited use of verbatim string literals. That said, they are still a wonderful benefit for many formatting situations.
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5: Monitoring in PerformancePoint Server
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TABLE 21-2 Methods Supported by the Integer Structures (continued)
Fill and Effects Dialogs
Because digital photography makes shooting pictures so much fun and so inexpensive, before long you re going to find yourself without any space left on your hard drive to store them. You have two choices to forestall your photo file overrun: Make the files smaller, or find somewhere else to keep them.
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
0.204 to 1.020 m
DVD-Video is a specialized form of DVD-ROM that is tailored to the presentation of very high quality audio and video content optimized for settop players. This is the format that the lm studios, video publishers, and consumer electronics manufacturers have been backing as the predominant delivery medium for motion pictures in the new millennium. From a hesitant beginning, the format appears to have nally caught hold solidly and, given the backing of so many of the major corporations involved in entertainment and consumer electronics, continuing success is very nearly a sure thing. DVD-Video relies the compression capabilities of MPEG-2 to provide, minimally, 94 minutes of video playback, but up to several hours of playback using the higher capacity formats. A key aspect of the DVD-Video format is playback on the full range of standard NTSC and PAL television displays using analog data connections, ensuring broad compatibility with the installed television sets around the world. Most current generation DVD players also include additional digital data connections, including S-Video and optical connections for those televisions that support this form of input. High-de nition televisions that are beginning to appear in the market are also supported by this digital interface. Multichannel digital audio support is also an inherent feature of this medium, allowing audio content to be played on standard stereo audio systems as well as more elaborate home theater systems. Up to eight channels of Dolby Digital audio provide the potential for excellent spatial orientation and rich, full sound to accompany videos. To achieve the best results for audio works, specialized mastering tools must be used to separate the audio tracks into individual components. If this is not done effectively, the resulting audio performance can exhibit annoying characteristics, such as drifting orientation of the dialog track or poor signal clarity.
This code fragment writes the string this is a test to the stream pointed to by fp.
Figure 13-3. Deploying a new application using full desktops
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