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This expression is conveniently broken up into two parts. In fact, right here we have the zero-state response and the zero-input response of the circuit. Recall that the zero-state response is due to the input source (i.e., the voltage source in this case) and not to any initial conditions (or the initial state ) of the circuit. Since the Laplace transform of the voltage source (the input) is 4/s and the rst term on the right-hand side has an expression of this form, we recognize that the zero-state response for this circuit is given by 2 s(s + 1) Now recall that the zero-input response is the response of the circuit due to the initial conditions, which in this case is the initial current i(0) = 1 A. This is the second term 1 s+1 This is the response of the circuit due to the initial state without the input voltage source. Now we can compute the inverse Laplace transform to nd the current as a function of time. We nd that it is i(t) = 2u(t) e t u(t) If you compute the Laplace transform of each term individually, you will nd that the zero-state response of the circuit is 2(1 e t ) and the zero-input response is e t EXAMPLE 13-11 Using Laplace transform methods, nd the current i(t) through the inductor shown in Fig. 13-2. Then consider the natural response of the circuit and take R = 3, L = 1, and C = 1/2. Assume that the initial current is zero.
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Concrete can be made more sustainable by use of cementitious materials such y ash, which is obtained from coal- red power plants. Use of y ash in concrete bridges is on the increase. About 70 million tons of y ash is produced each year in the U.S., but only about 15 million tons of it ends up in concrete products. It s a way to make roads, sidewalks, and bridges stronger and longer-lasting. Fly ash from power plants and ground-up slag left over from the steelmaking process can replace some of that cement, and it can make the nal product stronger. When mixed with cement, the kind of y ash produced by burning anthracite and bituminous coal keeps reacting with water to strengthen the concrete nearly a month after pouring. Some states like Pennsylvania are considering making their use mandatory. During the past ve years, the number of concrete suppliers in PA using y ash and slag in mixes has increased from two plants to 10. Other states such as Minnesota have switched to using more y ash and less cement. The typical dosage is about 15 to 25 percent in place of cementing materials, but some places like Minneapolis use 40 percent or more. Like y ash, slag reduces concrete s susceptibility to being weakened and damaged by water and salt. Blast furnace slag has similar properties to y ash, but only if it is cooled with water after being taken from the furnace in a molten-hot state. Air-cooled slag doesn t create the same chemical reactions, but it can be used as aggregate ller. Up to 15 percent of Portland cement in a typical mix can be replaced with y ash, or up to 50 percent can be replaced with slag. Silica fume is a key ingredient in high performance concrete. It signi cantly increases the life of structures. It is a byproduct of silicon and Ferro-silicon metal production. It is a highly reactive pozzolan and its use decreases silica fume volume in the national waste stream. The Silica Fume User s Manual and a standard reference manual are available from National Institute of Science & Technology, Gaithersburg, Md.
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a:active {color: yellow; background: blue;} a:link:active {color: white; background: black;} a:visited:active {color: silver; background: gray;} :focus The :focus selector is used to apply styles to any element which currently has focus.
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Real-World Chemistry A nuclear power plant that generates 1000 MW of power uses 3.2 kg per day of 235U. Naturally occurring uranium contains 0.7% 235U and 99.7% 238U. What mass of natural uranium is required to keep the generator running for a day
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For call setup and control, two TCP connections are used; for the audio and/or video connections, UDP connections are used. As you can see, this is similar to RTSP. Unlike RTSP, H.323 uses one or more TCP connections and one or more UDP connections to transmit the actual content. The first connection is a TCP connection to the well-known port 1720 (the signaling connection). The remaining connections use UDP and/or TCP, but the port numbers are typically random (above 1023). This obviously causes problems in environments that use firewalls and filters. H.323 also uses ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) to encode its packets, which makes application inspection difficult when deciphering the packet information.
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C. Inverting Amplifier Vout = Vin R1 Vin
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inherits MyStrMethods.
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You must specify two components to the interface command: the type and the location. When you enter the complete interface command, notice that the prompt changes, signifying that you are in Interface Subconfiguration mode for the specified interface, (config-if)# in this example. You can t determine what interface you are working in by examining the prompt. If you aren t sure, use the history recall feature to recall the interface command and re-execute it. When specifying the interface, you can use any of the following nomenclatures:
The IS (information systems) auditor who is auditing an organization s project management is verifying whether the organization s projects are adequately controlled. Controls in project management ensure the integrity of the organization s projects, so that the systems and processes that are built actually support the requirements supported and agreed to by management. The activities that the IS auditor should review when auditing project management include these: Oversight by senior management and any steering committee(s) Risk management techniques used in the project Processes and methodologies used to build project plans Methods for dealing with issues Management of costs Status reporting to management Project change control Project recordkeeping, including decisions, approvals, resource utilization, and costs
Router# show hosts Default domain is CHECK.COM Name/address lookup uses domain service Name servers are Host Flag Age Type Address(es) (temp, OK) 1 IP (temp, OK) 8 IP (perm, OK) 0 IP
int isspace(int ch)
Vanishing point marker
IP Network
Production Supervisor George Anderson. Thanks to George and his expert team for the crisp layout of this book s interior and for the hours spent working with me on getting the figures and illustrations looking their best. G rard M trailler at Corel Corporation. Thank you for your support of the Official Guide and for creating the fine subject of this book! Kelly Manuel at Corel Corporation. Without your help, I wouldn t have been able to pore through the beta versions of X4; my deepest thanks. John Falsetto at Corel Corporation. Thanks, John, for your timely feedback during the writing of this book. When I had a question, the answer was in my mailbox, usually before my daily spam! Tony Severenuk at Corel Corporation. Thanks to Tony, this book is as accurate as Peter and I tried to make it. Thanks in particular for all the advice on CorelDRAW s handling of camera Raw, Tony. Barbara Bouton, my wife and best friend, who did far too much grunt work on this book and managed to find time to make dinner, put up with my (occasional) moods, and take me out to the movies once or twice between paragraphs.
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