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Encoding PDF 417 in Java Templates, Exceptions, and RTTI

Reporting and Analysis
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Ring purge frames. Ring purge frames are frames that are generated by the Active Monitor when a claim token process is completed, or if a token error occurs (often a lost frame). The purpose of a ring purge frame is to reinitialize the ring by removing any data frames or tokens that might be circulating. Ring purges are normal when stations insert into the ring, but should not be common otherwise. Counts higher than just a few usually indicate cabling problems. Ring beacon frames. Ring beacon frames are issued when a serious fault occurs, such as a break in the physical cable. Ring beacon frames are sent by a Ring Station (present on all Token-Ring adapters) reporting the address of its nearest active upstream neighbor and indicating that it is no longer receiving the token that the NAUN should send. Ring beacon frames usually indicate cabling or adapter faults between the station generating the ring beacon frame and its NAUN. Claim token frames. Claim token frames are frames that are sent by any station on the ring that detects the absence of the Active Monitor, or that is trying to contend for the position of a new Active Monitor. The purpose of the claim token frame is to initiate the claiming process.
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bytes, we will consider path overhead bytes. Those bytes are primarily designed to convey information for the payload user which is normally , a communications carrier but could be an organization that installs a SONET facility within a campus or industrial complex. As noted in Figure 6.7, there are 9 bytes in an STS-1 path overhead signal. The first byte, which is labeled J1, represents an STS path trace byte. This byte conveys a repetitively transmitted string, which enables a receiving terminal to verify that it is connected to the transmitting terminal. The second path overhead byte is labeled B3. This byte provides a mechanism for path-level performance monitoring. To do so, the B3 byte contains a path BIP code. The B3 byte is followed by the C2 byte. This byte indicates the type of payload or content of the STS SPE and is referred to as the STS path signal label byte. The fourth path overhead byte is labeled H4. This byte functions as a multiframe indicator and is meaningful for certain payloads. The fifth byte, which is labeled G1, is a path status byte. The function of this byte is to convey path error reporting back to the original path terminating equipment. The last three path overhead bytes are reserved for future use. As indicated in Figure 6.7, these bytes are labeled Z1 through Z3. Now that we have a general idea of the function of the three types of overhead bytes in an STS-1 frame, we will literally move up the SONET hierarchy and examine how higher SONET signals are
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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// Overload a unary operator. three_d three_d::operator++() { x++; y++; z++; return *this; }
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Editing the Command Line
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12.19.7 Bearing Replacement
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discussion preceding this example, we know then that Area = =
1.8.12 Use of Aesthetics in Planning
Data Modeling
Global variables are, in many ways, the opposite of local variables. They are known throughout the entire program, can be used by any piece of code, and maintain their values during the entire execution of the program. Therefore, their scope extends to the entire program. You can create global variables by declaring them outside of any function. Because they are global, they can be accessed by any expression, regardless of the function in which the expression is located. When a global and a local variable share the same name, the local variable has precedence. Put differently, a local variable will hide a global variable of the same name. Thus, even though global variables can be accessed by any code in your program, this will happen only when no local variable s name overrides the global variable. The following program demonstrates the use of global variables. As you can see, the variables count and num_right have been declared outside of all functions; they are, therefore, global. Common practice dictates that it is best to declare global variables near the top of the program. However, technically, they simply have to be declared before they are first used. This program is a simple addition drill. It first asks you how many problems you want. For each problem, the program calls drill( ), which generates two random numbers in the range 0 through 99. It prompts for, and then checks, your answer. You get three tries per problem. At the end, the program displays the number of answers you ve gotten right. Pay special attention to the global variables used in this program:
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