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There is no better way to learn about a network management system than to live with it for a few months before you buy it. This provides the opportunity to find out how user friendly the network management system really is. The vendor s demonstration always looks good. They showcase their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Their presenter is thoroughly familiar with the product, and can really make it sing. (How long did it take her to become that proficient ) In reality, it is often difficult to take advantage of a prepurchase trial offer. Although the vendor is willing to let you try the software for a few months, it takes management commitment to dedicate resources within the organization to this trial. A network management system is not something that can be evaluated in someone s (nonexistent) spare time. Remember, it isn t the initial outlay that is important, but the ongoing lifecycle costs.
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Sketch the graph of y = x2/x-1.
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Should Sales Representatives Sit on the Sales Compensation Design Team Companies report success in having sales representatives as part of the sales compensation design team. As consultants, we try to avoid this practice. Yes, we want input from the field personnel about the current program, but the leadership team needs to make company-serving decisions about changes to the sales compensation program. Putting sales representatives on such a committee may compromise them with their peers or management and might misdirect the need to take new or dissimilar actions. Finally, participating in meetings about making pay changes may be protected activities as defined by the National Labor Relations Act so companies should check with their lawyers first before inviting a sales representative to sit on their design team.
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Well-known (0 to 1023) and registered (1024 to 49,151) port numbers
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Support Circuit Design
Extended Numbered ACLs
Flywheel to Motor Shaft Connection
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As digital technology has increased the demand for content to play on more than one device, some content owners have espoused the concept of "buy once, play anywhere." For this to work there must be a way to represent a customer's purchased access rights to a particular set of content. This can be done with an online "digital locker" or with a physical token such as a disc or printed serial number.6 Based on the representation of ownership, an authorized copy can be made into an approved content protection or digital rights management (DRM) technology with permission from the content provider, who has full control to set the price, number of copies, allowed formats, viewing period, and so on. There are essentially four models for copying content based on physical media. The first two models are supported by the managed copy feature of AACS, which is sometimes called mandatory managed copy, since at least one copy of almost every disc must be permitted. Duplication. An equivalent copy is made from the original disc to a similar recordable disc. For example, a BD-ROM movie disc is copied to a BD-R disc. Conversion. A copy is made from the original disc and adapted in one or more ways to fit the destination new physical medium, new video or audio encoding, new application format, new picture size (resolution), or new content protection system. For example, a Blu-ray Disc is converted to Microsoft Windows Media format (video and audio are transcoded, menus and interactivity are discarded), at a lower resolution for display on portable media players, and stored on a flash memory card with Windows Media DRM file encryption. Digital Copy. The original disc contains an alternative version of the content or a subset of the content in different form, intended to be copied from the disc. This is also called second session or digital file. For example, a Blu-ray Disc includes a low-resolution version of the video encoded in H.264 format and protected with Apple FairPlay DRM so that it can be copied using iTunes software and played on a compatible device such as a Mac, iPod, or iPhone. E-copy. The original disc is used as the token of ownership to authorize the
Table 8-7. Network Traffic for Several Password Manager-Managed Applications
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Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 94 Network Test and Measurement
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