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SOLUTION First, using the winding ratio given in the gure as 3:1 we have 32 (3) = 27 32 ( j4) = j36 Hence we can nd the current i 1 (t) from the circuit shown in Fig. 11-3. Adding up the resistors in series, we have 27 + 4 = 31 . Therefore, applying KVL to the impedances we have Vs + 31I1 + j36I1 = 0 I1 = 100 0 Vs = 31 + j36 31 + j36
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In two dimensions, y = 4 defines a horizontal line at y = 4 . In three dimensions, y = 4 defines a plane normal to the y-axis and parallel to the x-z plane.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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This program displays ten pseudorandom numbers:
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This program produces the following output:
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miter; (b) curve.
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Video data that fills the screen and in which motion can appear in any part of it. FMV is the equivalent of TV; the whole screen may be active. In the early days of computerized video, it was often necessary to display video in a small window, or to restrict areas of motion to a subset of the whole screen, because the processor was not powerful enough or the storage medium fast enough to deliver FMV. With modern hardware the distinction between full- and partial-motion is no longer meaningful. The term is often used to simply refer to video files played by the game. See producer.
Simple Trax control panel
g( x) = 1 if x < 4 x 3 2x + 3 if x 4
Grid Computing
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