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Log off sessions on removal This option logs off a user s session when a smart card is removed. In the PN Agent options on the client and the server are two options for smart card authentication: Smart Card Logon and Smart Card with Pass-Through Authentication. Choose the one that fits your environment. Smart card logon Prompts you for a smart card PIN when you log onto the Program Neighborhood Agent and every time you open published applications or content. A smart card needs to be present or inserted in the smart card reader at logon time. Smart card with pass-through authentication Prompts you for a smart card PIN when you log onto the Program Neighborhood Agent. A smart card needs to be present or inserted in the smart card reader at logon time. After you log onto the Program Neighborhood Agent, you can access your set of published applications and content without further logon prompts.
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Calculate the trajectory of an -particle as it passes near the nucleus of a gold atom. Estimate the size of a gold atom s nucleus using Geiger s data.
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Figure 1.55 Test setup for forward S-parameter measurement.
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The proxy ARP must be enabled on the router s interface that s connected to
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TABLE 7-1 Designer Toolbar Buttons for the Standard Toolbar (continued)
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10: Exception Handling
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Private Network Node 1 Node 2
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U I L D I N G a robot requires that you make many decisions from the type of sensors you ll use to the color you ll paint it. Some of these decisions are trivial, while others will make or break your robot. One decision in the make-or-break category is motors not just deciding which ones you ll use, but determining how you ll optimize their performance. Most robots use the same class of motor the permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor. These commonly used motors are fairly low in cost and relatively easy to control. Other types of electric motors are available, such as series-wound field DC motors, stepper motors, and alternating current (AC) motors, but this book will discuss only PMDC -type motors. If you want to learn more about other types of motors, consult your local library or the Internet for that information. Some combat robots use internal combustion motors, but they are more commonly used to power weapons than to drive the robots, largely because the internal combustion engine rotates only in one direction. If you are using an internal combustion engine to drive the robot, your robot will require a transmission that can switch into reverse or use a hydraulic motor drive system. With electric motors, however, the direction of the robot can be reversed without a transmission. Many combat robots combine the two, using electric motors for driving the robot system and internal combustion motors for driving the weapons. Another use for internal combustion engines is to drive a hydraulic pump that drives the robot and/or operates the weapons. Since most robots use PMDC motors, most of the discussion in this chapter will be focused on electric motors. At the end of this chapter is a short discussion of internal combustion engines.
To design a low-pass filter, a half-section (as depicted in Fig. 6.16) can be calculated by: R0 fC L 2 and C 1 fC R0 2
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FIGURE 18-3 Use the scheduling capabilities for slow-running reports, or to refresh reports on a regular basis.
When is a hysterectomy warranted
ciscoasa(config)# time-range range_name ciscoasa(config-time-range)# absolute [start hh:mm date] [end hh:mm date] ciscoasa(config-time-range)# periodic days_of_week hh:mm to [days_of_week] hh:mm
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