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As mentioned earlier, you can use into with join to create a group join, which creates a sequence in which each entry in the result consists of an entry from the first sequence and a group of all matching elements from the second sequence. No example was presented then because often a group join makes use of an anonymous type. Now that anonymous types have been covered, an example of a simple group join can be given. The following example uses a group join to create a list in which various transports, such as cars, boats, and planes, are organized by their general transportation category, which is
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Figure 27-9: The STS-3 (OC-3) frame
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including menu items. MenuStrip inherits this functionality and provides specific support for menus, including the main menu. Items that are stored in a MenuStrip are objects of type ToolStripMenuItem, which is the modern equivalent of MenuItem, also described in the previous section. Using MenuStrip and ToolStripMenuItem is similar to using a MainMenu and MenuItem as described in the previous section. Here is one way to create and use a MenuStrip: 1. Create a MenuStrip control. 2. To the MenuStrip control, add ToolStripMenuItems that describe the top-level categories. This is done by calling Add( ) on the collection referred to by the Items property provided by MenuStrip. 3. To each top-level ToolStripMenuItem, add the list of ToolStripMenuItems that defines the drop-down menu associated with that top-level entry. This is done by calling Add( ) on the collection referred to by the DropDownItems property. 4. Add the event handlers for each selection. 5. Add the MenuStrip to the list of controls for the form by calling Add( ) on the Controls property. 6. Assign the MenuStrip control to the MainMenuStrip property associated with the form. Pay special attention to Steps 2 and 3 because they differ from the parallel steps used with MainMenu. First, in Step 2, top-level menu items that represent submenus are added to the collection referred to by Items. Second, in Step 3, individual menu items are added to the collection referred to by the DropDownItems property. (Both MainMenu and MenuItem use the MenuItems property for this purpose.) Other than those differences, the two procedures are essentially the same. The following program demonstrates MenuStrip by reworking the program shown in the previous section. Sample output is shown in Figure 26-5. Notice that the menu now has a modern look.
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Using Auto-replication
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Choosing Abundance Expecting More
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addressing information on the switch: an IP address associated with an interface and a default gateway address. Here s the configuration you ll use:
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StdSSN 123-45-6789 124-56-7890 876-54-3210
What mediates these thyroid hormone changes
plastic wrap, but as if the flower had been tipped in a liquid plastic that hardened smoothly around each petal. After experimenting with various ways of changing colors, I used the Enhance | Quick Fix commands. I played with the Hue and Lighter sliders shown in Figure 5-20 until the lily looked encased in gold a change of about +20 points on both of the sliders. The result is the gilded lily in Figure 5-21. And it really does look a dazzling golden. Really.
Figure 14-7: Frequency spectrum allocated to the cable modems
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