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FIgure 9-11 f, c contour diagram showing where the alpha helix (a) and beta sheet (b) fall on the f,c plot. each black dot represents a residue in a protein. each contour line represents a level of potential energy, with lower energies represented by the inner lines and higher energies by the outside lines. notice that the alpha helix and beta sheet fall in areas of very low potential energy, indicating that they are both very stable secondary structures. notice also that the majority of residues (black dots) fall close to the helix and beta sheet, indicating that most of the residues of the protein are in one of these two configurations. the small, darkly shaded area on the right side represents favorable bond angles for residues in configurations other than alpha helix and beta sheet. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)
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Fetal tachycardia (>160 beats/min) Fetal goiter Advanced bone age Poor growth Craniosynostosis Cardiac failure Fetal hydrops
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4 / 2 is 2 Can't divide by Zero! Outcome of 15 / 4 is not even. 32 / 4 is 8 Can't divide by Zero! Outcome of 127 / 8 is not even. No matching element found. No matching element found.
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However, by declaring the MyClass constructor as explicit, this automatic conversion will not be supplied. Here is MyClass shown using an explicit constructor.
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A general theory of multi-hazards in infrastructure needs to be applied to structural analysis, design, life cycle costs, risk assessment, and structural health monitoring. While maintaining the needed safety levels, multi-hazards offer anticipated overall cost reduction. This approach considers the increasing complexity of the structural systems to meet the demands of the current environment. It takes advantage of the recent developments and innovations in computing, analytical, and sensing technologies. Bene ts of multi-hazard considerations include the following: A more accurate estimation of the inherent resiliency of the system A more accurate treatment/estimation of life cycle costs of the system Optimization of the structural health monitoring (SHM) to increase experimental ef ciency. Recent improvements in computational tools, database population (that include behavior of systems under several severe hazards), and structural health monitoring (SHM) all contribute to the increased consideration of the multi-hazard approach to systems. The preliminary risk-based assessment of major bridges shall include the following tasks: 1. Perform cursory site inspections (which do not require special inspection equipment or access methods) to become familiar with the following: The physical layout Below deck and above deck features Available access routes for each bridge. 2. Assemble and review the following documents: Existing and available plans and documents for each bridge Original as-built plans and shop drawings Subsequent repair and rehabilitation plans Annual, biennial, and special bridge inspection reports Structure inventory and appraisal (SI&A) form updates Load ratings Fatigue evaluations Structural models All applicable reports and materials. 3. Compile and review traf c volume: Current average annual daily traf c (AADT) data Average annual daily truck traf c (AADTT) data Associated peak occupancies for each bridge. 4. Compile and review current bridge replacement costs for each bridge. 5. Compile and review available overload analyses performed for each bridge. 6. Prior to a vulnerability assessment, perform a prioritization of the fracture critical and failure critical members and member components on an individual bridge basis.
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pages each) to be transmitted on the same fiber. As the demand on bandwidth increases, higher-rate TDM networks will be needed. Although lightwave devices have been demonstrated to operate at extremely high data rates (well in excess of 50 Gbps), it is extremely difficult to design and build electronic circuits (such as laser drivers and receiver amplifiers) at speeds above 10 Gbps. 22.3 Wavelength Division Multiplexed Networks Another important development has been the emergence of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) as a means for increasing the capacity of fiber optic communications systems. In WDM systems, several TDM channels operating at different optical wavelengths are optically multiplexed and sent on the same fiber (Figure 22.4). Four 2.5 Gbps TDM channels, operating at 1535, 1538, 1541, and 1544 nanometers, could be combined on a single fiber with even more channels operating at other wavelengths. (The fiber actually can carry thousands of these 2.5 Gbps channels before it reaches its bandwidth limit.) The main advantage of WDM networks is that they have a high overall data rate (10 Gbps in the preceding example) while using lower-frequency electronic circuitry for each channel. In addition, the wavelength of each channel can be used as a paDownloaded from Digital Engineering Library @ McGraw-Hill ( Copyright 2004 The McGraw-Hill Companies. All rights reserved. Any use is subject to the Terms of Use as given at the website.
Fig. 7.4 Three-Phase AC
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Suction curettes are This is an preferred because they outpatient are less likely to cause procedure and may damage to the uterus. be done in the Other risks may include office using local bleeding and cramping anesthetics
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