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Application dependent (generally, larger frames are more networkefficient than smaller ones) Network dependent Network dependent
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VTH = 6 V
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Interframe Spacing
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Multiplexer Section AIS (MS-AIS) Sent by Regenerator Section Terminating Equipment (RSTE) to alert downstream MSTE of detected LOS or LOF state. Indicated by STM-N signal containing valid RSOH and a scrambled all-ones pattern in the rest of frame. Detected by MSTE when bits 6 to 8 of received K2 byte are set to 111 for three consecutive frames. Removal is detected by MSTE when three consecutive frames are received with a pattern other than 111 in bits 6 to 8 of K2. Far End Receive Failure (FERF or MS-FERF) Sent upstream by Multiplexer Section Terminating Equipment (MSTE) within 250 ms of detecting LOS, LOF, or MS-AIS on incoming signal. Optionally transmitted on detection of excessive BER defect (equivalent BER, based on B2 BIPs, exceeds threshold of 10 3). Indicated by setting bits 6 to 8 of transmitted K2 byte to 110. Detected by MSTE when bits 6 to 8 of received K2 byte are set to 110 for three consecutive frames. Removal is detected by MSTE when three consecutive frames are received with a pattern other than 110 in bits 6 to 8 of K2. Transmission of MS-AIS overrides MS-FERF. High-Order Path AIS Sent by MSTE to alert downstream High Order Path Terminating Equipment (HO PTE) of detected LOP state or received AU Path AIS. Indicated by transmitting all-ones pattern in entire AU-3/4 (i.e., all-ones pattern in H1, H2, H3 pointer bytes, plus all bytes of associated VC-3/4). Detected by HO PTE when all-ones pattern received in bytes H1 and H2 for three consecutive frames. Removal is detected when three consecutive valid AU pointers are received with normal NDFs (0110), or a single valid AU pointer is received with the NDF enabled (1001). High-Order Path Remote Alarm Indication (HO Path RAI, also known as HO Path FERF) Generated by High-Order Path Terminating Equipment (HO PTE) in response to received AU Path AIS. Sent upstream to peer HO PTE. Indicated by setting bit 5 of POH G1 byte to 1. Detected by peer HO PTE when bit 5 of received G1 byte is set to 1 for 10 consecutive frames. Removal detected when peer HO PTE receives 10 consecutive frames with bit 5 of G1 byte set to 0.
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void clreol(void) void clrscr(void)
// A simple, fixed-size queue class for characters that uses exceptions. class SimpleQueue : ICharQ { char[] q; // this array holds the queue int putloc, getloc; // the put and get indices // Construct an empty queue given its size. public SimpleQueue(int size) { q = new char[size+1]; // allocate memory for queue putloc = getloc = 0; } // Put a character into the queue.
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BD Demystified is an introduction and reference for anyone who wants to understand Blu-ray Disc. It is not a production guide, nor is it a detailed technical handbook1, but it does provide an extensive technical grounding for anyone interested in BD technology. This book borrows a few elements from previous publications DVD Demystified, DVD Demystified Second Edition, and DVD Demystified Third Edition. This book can be considered as the fourth edition in the DVD Demystified family, but we gave it a new title to match the winner of the next-generation format war. This book is divided into sections, which are subdivided into chapters.
Tests by observation are performed by an auditor witnessing whether a control activity is performed. This can involve the auditor looking over the shoulder of the control owner and requesting they perform certain tasks as they perform a procedure, or by viewing software settings within applications. Examples of testing include: Confirming that software requires and tracks approvals Observing physical and environmental controls for a server room Noting the existence of signed policies and a background report in an HR file Viewing system-generated alerts reaching a pager Reviewing a firewall rule base to confirm settings Control tests by observation are recorded in writing in testing workpapers. Recording observations should be sure to include the date and time, as well as the full name and title of the control owner. NOTE Client organizations may not permit their firewall rule base to be printed or carried off the premises. An auditor may have to observe the rule base and document their review as a test by observation.
In Eq. (6-13) we ve made an additional assumption. We know that an induced dipole will orient itself in the direction of the inducing electric field. If we assume that the interacting point charge is also the source of the inducing electric field, then we can assume the dipole will orient itself in the direction of the charge. Making this assumption leads to cos a = 1 [compare Eq. (6-13) with Eq. (6-5)].
Never gossiping
Based on the preceding points, it should be clear how using FSO technology helps wireless mesh networks overcome some of their limitations, making FSO ideally suited for wireless mesh networks. This complement does not flow in only one direction, however. Mesh networks also enable FSO to overcome some of its key limitations.
An X10 module (a) and USB controller (b) (Photo courtesy
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