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Typically, I tend to get into work just before 10 A.M. Electronic Arts is quite flexible about working hours; as long as you put in about eight working hours and get the job done, you re not frowned upon. I start the day by reading my e-mail, catching up on any interesting technical information the studios across the water have posted, and replying to any queries about the graphics engine. At the moment, I am working out the requirements for our next iteration of the engine, so I spend some time speaking to all the designers and artists and getting an idea of what fancy-pants capabilities they want. At about 12:30, it s time for lunch at our in-studio restaurant, where I sit down to a nice hot meal and check out the latest music videos on MTV. After a quick post-lunch session of Command & Conquer: Generals (although most people in the studio seem to be playing Battlefield 1942, I m personally more of a Real Time Strategy fan), it s back to work! Most of the time, when I m not in a meeting, I am sitting at my computer, either writing new code or modifying/debugging existing code. (Yes, my code has bugs like everyone else s.)
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AppZero provides a set of tools for creating Virtual Application Appliances (VAAs). This approach to provisioning and deploying applications on physical or virtual servers running anywhere is designed for the cloud environment and for movement of server applications and datacenter to cloud, hosting environment, or cloud to cloud. VAAs package a server application with all of its dependencies, but no operating system component (zero OS). AppZero s first public demonstration of its VAA technology showed a live
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The line number that you enter can be found in the Line column of the output of the show users command.
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A trunked radio system gets its name from the trunk used in commercial telephone systems. A trunk is a communications path between two or more points, typically between the telephone company central offices. The telephone trunk is shared by several different users, but each user is not aware of this sharing of lines. The caller places a call to another party, and the call is completed. Radio communication over a trunked system is similar to the telephone system. The transmitting and receiving radio units can be thought of as the calling and called parties. Instead of telephone lines, the radio system uses radio channels to place calls. As with the telephone system, the radio users are not aware of which trunk or radio channel they are communicating over. Trunking a multichannel radio system increases the efficiency of the radio and the radio channels. The concept behind trunking is very simple. Trunked radio is the pooling of several radio channels so that all the users in a given area have automatic access to any free channel. The result is a system that can provide private, wide-area, wireless communication to many different users without interference or interruption. Trunked radio is very different from the old conventional radio where you had to contend with interference and congestion. Trunked radio, the least expensive wireless service, allows both dispatch communication and the ability to place and receive phone calls, similar to cellular. A trunked radio system always comprises several radio channels. One channel acts as the Control Channel (CC), while the others carry traffic. The control channel is used for registrations, the transmission of status messages, and for call requests. This is not unlike the cellular, radio-based system using the paging and control channels in a cellular operation. The difference is that in a cellular radio network, there are several (19 21) channels set aside, whereas in trunked radio only one channel is needed (see Figure 19-2 ).
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Because you ll face the same problem throughout your photo session in the snow or sand, adjust your camera s exposure system with exposure compensation. On many cameras, you set exposure compensation on the menus that appear on the LCD screen or through the viewfinder. The adjustments are measured in fractions of an f-stop. Setting the compensation at +1 is the same as opening the aperture one f-stop. Setting it as -2 would be the same as closing up the aperture two stops. Usually, a change of one or two f-stops is all you need.
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Method All(condition) Any(condition) Average( ) Contains(obj) Count( ) First( ) Last( ) Max( ) Min( ) Sum( )
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8. Center the cell within the Page Header by selecting Format | Cell and the Appearance tab. From the Horizontal Position Relative To drop-down, select Center Across The Page.
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Another way publishers try to reduce their risk is by funding games that borrow and mix ideas from other games a sort of genetic recombination. In biology, this mechanism (called sex) works well to create diversity in a species but most species have millions of members. Unfortunately, when the population is too small, the result is inbreeding. The same characteristics appear over and over. In the game industry, old ideas and mechanisms get perpetuated because of a lack of better ones and an aversion to trying new things. There are a couple of different solutions to this problem, and this is where you come in. One is to expand the gene pool: bring in new ideas from the outside and mix them with the existing ones. Not just ideas for whole games, but ideas for parts of
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and the fact that HIPAA data could commingle on a server with another organization s data will likely get the attention of an observant HIPAA auditor. Even so, Google and Microsoft are both moving forward on health records services: Microsoft is working on its HealthVault and Google Health promises to be a huge outpouring of private health data online. While the intent seems well-meaning to give consumers access to their healthcare data all it takes is one tiny breach to let sensitive data loose. If you have data that is regulated like HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley you are well advised to be very careful in your plans to place data on a cloud. After all, if you have posted a customer s financial data and there s a breach, will they go after the cloud provider, or you Oh, and just to add some teeth to what can happen if private data gets out, consider Table 2-1. Table 2-1 illustrates potential penalties if the laws are violated. It s probably best to avoid a painful fine, flesh-eating lawyers, and possible jail time.
Transparent Firewall
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The Two Constants in Life
The following program demonstrates the formatting of TimeSpan objects by displaying the approximate amount of time it takes a for loop to display 1,000 integers:
This program displays the value 10. Notice that the value in x is boxed simply by assigning it to obj, which is an object reference. The integer value in obj is retrieved by casting obj to int. Here is another, more interesting example of boxing. In this case, an int is passed as an argument to the Sqr( ) method, which uses an object parameter.
CHAPTER 1 Basics
14.28.4 Basic Spiral Cam Constants Very often it is necessary to control the contours in which a multiple of q0 is a function of a multiple of qi. Then it is necessary to compare scales of values. Let the functions R= Differentiating dq i = Ki , dR dq 0 = K0 dS (14.32) qi q , S= 0 . Ki K0 (14.31)
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