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Calcium (Ca)
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applied jitter should be increased beyond the jitter amplitude specified in the ITU-T mask. The term auto jitter tolerance refers to the test technique where the analyzer automatically increases the jitter until the point of failure, plots the point on the graph, and then proceeds to the next jitter frequency. The analyzer displays the plotted graph alongside the ITU-T mask. If the plotted graph is above the mask, then the jitter tolerance exceeds the ITU-T standard; any incursion below the mask indicates a failure. There are two alternative techniques for performing jitter tolerance tests:
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How HTML Works
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the following output is obtained when watching sample using Record/Structure:
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Heated towel rack (Photo courtesy
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Weapons Systems for Your Robot
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Access Points and Methods of Entry
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The following code fragment sets the system time to 10:10:10.0.
z1 =
Unless otherwise specified, local variables are stored on the stack. The fact that the stack is a dynamic and changing region of memory explains why local variables cannot, in general, hold their values between function calls.
Emerging Standards
Growth of Publishing and Title Development
class cl { int i; // ... };
Oscillator Design
Need for Monitoring Earthquake Effects
V ( d , b , l ) = v( d , b ,q ) e - ilq dq .
Hi Team:
Figure 2-10 Noise and distortion formulas for a cascade of n ampli ers
( ymax )1 = ( ymax )2
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