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Standardized Management
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public void AreaPerPerson() {
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11: Using I/O
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public interface ISeries<T> {
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Most console connections to Cisco devices require an RJ-45 rollover cable and an RJ-45 to DB9 terminal adapter. Today, Cisco s console cables
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medication. Food staff prepare meals according to a dietary plan. Physicians prescribe new treatments based on the results of previous treatments and patient symptoms. Relationships in the database support answers to questions such as What are the most recent symptoms of a patient Who prescribed a given treatment of a patient What diagnosis did a doctor make for a patient
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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On May 14, 2002, President Bush became the first U.S. president not only to refer to biometrics, but to endorse its use by government. In his official remarks at the signing of the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act, President Bush explained that this legislation, part of the U.S. response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, would, among other things, require all foreign visitors seeking entrance into the United States to carry an official travel document containing, as he phrased it, biometric identification that would be fingerprints or facial recognition that will enable us to use technology to better deny fraudulent entry into America. Promoted in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks as a means to improve homeland security, biometrics is clearly emerging as a new technological reality. Biometrics relies on the body as password, as a Wired article put it, improving the speed and accuracy of human recognition and in turn providing better security, increased efficiency, and improved customer service. While not yet enjoying the media stature and public controversy associated with such high-tech issues as genetic cloning and cyberspace, the increasingly extensive use of biometrics in both the public and private sectors will force the public to take notice and to confront the accompanying legal and policy challenges. As the technology becomes more economically viable, technically perfected, and widely used, biometrics could become the passwords, PINs, and tokens of the twenty-first century. In the process, biometrics could refocus the way Americans look at the brave new world of personal information. History teaches us that new technologies invented by engineers and scientists can spark new law and cause old legal doctrines to be rethought, rekindled, and reapplied by the nation s law and policy makers. Technology seems to move quickly, getting deployed and put into use while the legal order struggles to catch up thus, the perception that technology is fast and the law is slow. However, sometimes the legal order moves with surprising celerity with respect to technology. In fact, new technology can cause a creative reshaping of existing legal doctrine when, for example, the judiciary embraces a technology more quickly than the legislature, the executive branch, or even the actual users or marketplace for the technology. An example from the law casebooks helps to illustrate this point. Even in our current age of sophisticated weather forecasting tools and state-of-the-art communication equipment, vessels at sea are still at the peril of Mother Nature. Early on, radio emerged as an effective way to transmit weather reports. Yet, even as late as 1928, no law or regulation in the United States required that coastwise seagoing carriers equip their tugboats with radio receiver sets. Moreover, no such custom or practice existed in the maritime industry, despite the fact that such sets could easily be used by tugs at sea to receive storm weather warnings.
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As you can see, base.Show( ) calls the base class version of Show( ). One other point: Notice that new is used in this program to tell the compiler that you know a new method called Show( ) is being declared that hides the Show( ) in A.
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External radius,
X:active Selects any element X which is currently active. The most common example of the active state is when the mouse pointer is Note positioned within (or over ) an element during the time in which the user is pressing down the mouse button. Although the most common way of making an element active is to click on it with the mouse, it is possible to designate the element via some other means (e.g., tabbing via the keyboard) and then select it through that same means (e.g., hitting the return key). Thus, it is possible for an element to be active without also being hovered. There are no restrictions on the types of elements which can be selected, but most user agents apply :active styles to hyperlinks only. Navigator 4.x and Opera 3 do not support :active at all, even on hyperlinks. :active can be combined with other pseudo-classes to produce state-specific hover effects, but this syntax is not supported by older CSS-aware browsers.
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