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A mini operating system that allows you to perform low-level testing and troubleshooting; for instance, ROMMON is used during the password recovery procedure. To abort the router s normal bootup procedure of loading the IOS, use the CTRL-BREAK control sequence to enter ROMMON mode. The prompt in ROMMON mode is either > or rommon>, depending on the router model. A stripped-down version of the IOS that contains only IP code. This should be used in emergency situations where the IOS image in flash can t be found and you want to boot up your router and load in another IOS image. This stripped-down IOS is referred to as RXBOOT mode. If you see Router(rxboot)# in your prompt, then your router has booted up with the ROM IOS image. Not every router has a Mini-IOS image; on the other hand, some routers, such as the 7200, can store a full-blown IOS image here.
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The prototype for _fullpath( ) is in <stdlib.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The _fullpath( ) function constructs a full path name given a relative path name. The relative path name is pointed to by rpath. The full path name is put into the array pointed to by fpath. The size of the array pointed to by fpath is specified by len. If fpath is null, then an array will be dynamically allocated. (In this case, the array must be freed manually using free( ).) The _fullpath( ) function returns a pointer to fpath, or null if an error occurs.
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Citrix XenApp Client Configuration and Deployment
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Case Study: Making a Web-Enabled CD
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OSPF Overview
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Minimize % errored frames; % information frames and % information bytes is protocol and network dependent
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To hide a class or object, select the item and then click the Hide/Show button from the toolbar. The Hide/Show button acts as a toggle. When you are ready for users to see this new class and its objects, unhide or show the items with the same button.
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Part III:
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Eights are highly protective of those for whom they feel responsible and will also protect individuals and groups they believe are being exploited or treated
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Data flow diagrams (DFDs) are frequently used to illustrate the flow of information between IT applications. Like the Zachman model, a DFD can begin as a high-level diagram, where the labels of information flows are expressed in business terms. Written specifications about each flow can accompany the DFD; these specifications would describe the flow in increasing levels of detail, all the way to field lengths and communication protocol settings.
Here, this refers to the object on which Area( ) was called. Thus, this.Width refers to that object s copy of Width, and this.Height refers to that object s copy of Height. For example, if Area( ) had been invoked on an object called x, then this in the preceding statement would have been referring to x. Writing the statement without using this is really just shorthand. It is also possible to use this inside a constructor. In this case, this refers to the object that is being constructed. For example, inside Rect( ), the statements
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Stubs are used to limit the number of routes in an area. A stub has type-1 and type-2 intra-area LSAs, type-3 and type-4 inter-area LSAs, and a default route injected into them by the ABR for external routes from a different autonomous system. If your appliance is an ABR and you want to designate an area as a stub, use the following configuration:
Body Center Challenge: The Why would you want to do that Question When Two learners say they want to change something about themselves, asking them this question works effectively as a way of supportively challenging their desires. As a response to this technique, the Two learner either changes his or her course of action or becomes more deeply committed to the original plan. This technique is especially useful in two situations: (1) The Two learner articulates an intention to take action that sounds productive, or (2) the Two learner expresses an intention to take action that might be risky or could be counterproductive to his or her best interests. When working with Two learners using Why would you want to do that challenges, developers need to be alert to anxiety reactions Twos may exhibit when asked this question for example, laughing out of nervousness or becoming slightly angry as a way to avoid answering the question. In addition, developers need to gently challenge Twos whose answers indicate that they want to take action for the sake of others rather than for themselves. For example, a Two may say he or she wants to be more assertive about something but offers the following reason: This will help the other person change his or her behavior. The developer needs to say, And why would you want to do this for yourself and not just for the other person
Included Software:
// Format an enumeration. using System; class EnumFmtDemo { enum Direction { North, South, East, West } [Flags] enum Status { Ready=0x1, OffLine=0x2, Waiting=0x4, TransmitOK=0x8, ReceiveOK=0x10, OnLine=0x20 } static void Main() { Direction d = Direction.West; Console.WriteLine("{0:G}", d); Console.WriteLine("{0:F}", d);
Typeid of i is int p is pointing to an object of type BaseClass p is pointing to an object of type Derived1 p is pointing to an object of type Derived2
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