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5: More Data Types and Operators
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12.1.2 Codes and Design Guidelines
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Google Apps APIs Google Base Data API Blogger Data API Google Book Search Data API Google Calendar Data API Google Code Search Data API Google Contacts Data API Google Documents List Data API Google Finance Portfolio Data API Google Health Data API Google Notebook Data API Picasa Web Albums Data API Google Spreadsheets Data API Webmaster Tools Data API YouTube Data API
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Figure 19-5 also shows the effects of certain break options, such as break header, break footer, and remove duplicates. To modify these options, right-click the table and from the pop-up menu, select Break | Properties. Break Header Repeats the column headings within each mini-table. If your table contains more than one break and you enable the Break Header for each break, certain mini-tables will contain multiple rows of column headings. To avoid this, set the Break Header only on the first break (or on the largest grouping for which you want to create a separate minitable).
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Functions That Return Pointers
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Ongoing advances in soft-optics for ROADM and OXC devices will continue to drive improved DWDM-layer capabilities in the metro and long-haul space. In particular, photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technologies hold much promise in coalescing multiple discrete optical and electronic components onto a single substrate, for example, lasers, amplifiers, photo-detectors, filters, switches, and so on. PIC devices can drastically reduce opto-electronic transponder costs which dominate carrier CAPEX and help lower nodal losses. Indeed, this technology promises a true leap in capabilities by reducing footprints, increasing reach, and enabling more elaborate optical-layer monitoring. Recently, some PIC-based transport and OXC solutions have already come to market and future evolutions are expected. There is a lot of ongoing research in optical burst switching (OBS) and optical packet switching (OPS) technologies [3]. These schemes introduce data-packet visibility at the optical layer by processing packet header routing information (and optically bypassing data segments). As such, OBS and OPS could conceivably support advanced EVPL and EPLAN/EVPLAN services. However, both of these technologies face many technical and prove-in hurdles, and despite many years of study, remain far from real-world deployments [2].
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Figure 9.2 Before ISDN was available, network users had to have a separate connection for each service required. In particular, access to a telephone system for voice was wired separately from data connections. Connection into a wide area network was separate from that required for access into an organization s private intranetworking. This resulted in the need for different connectors, service providers, and user interfaces. Maintaining all these links was time-consuming and costly.
Safety Precautions
Cellular Measurement Strategies 404 Cellular Networks
Dynamic guides are a novel way to increase the accuracy of drawing and moving shapes, even when their position and degree of rotation might make this act otherwise a challenge. Dynamic guides are guides that you first set up with axes of rotation (0 , 15 , and so on), and then when you want a guide at a specific angle for aligning or drawing, it appears onscreen. It can snap the object you re positioning, and dynamic guides offer onscreen information about the result of a moving or drawing action. When using dynamic guides, drawing or moving your cursor over active object snap points will cause guides to temporarily appear to aid in placement of objects and nodes. You can move your cursor along these sticky guides, and view snap points, angle values, and distance measurements relative to object snap points (as shown in Figure 6-12). You can also have your cursor snap to specific points along the guide path, based on a customizable tick value. To activate this feature, choose View | Dynamic Guides (ALT+SHIFT+D), or click the Dynamic Guides button in the Property Bar while the Pick Tool or Shape Tool (and no objects) is selected.
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parameter of type IFormatProvider or NumberStyles. IFormatProvider is briefly described later in this chapter. NumberStyles is an enumeration found in the System.Globalization namespace. The topic of formatting is discussed in 22.
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The next statement assigns jagged[0] a reference to a 4 2 array:
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