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Cellular Measurement Descriptions 424 Cellular Networks
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Video Connections
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Trunk and Extremities
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range name TaxRate will continue to point to cell B3. This named range becomes convenient to use when you are further down in the spreadsheet and need the input number. You can just type TaxRate instead of having to find the exact cell address. The cell D7 shows the formula that you would have to write if you did not use the TaxRate range name.
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Water sensors, like the one shown in Figure 5-10, sit on the floor and are used to detect the presence of water. For example, you could place a water sensor next to your sump. If the water sensor detects water coming over the top of your sump, it sends a message to the control panel indicating that there is trouble.
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Benefit Fast queries
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These services may be bundled through PLT with the conventional telecommunications and energy offerings, thus widening the service range and enhancing individual choice features that are increasingly demanded by customers. Coupling ICT and PLT technologies gives many opportunities in applications and services. Efficient energy supply is an essential precondition. Several alternative technologies compete for the local access infrastructure and services. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses. A comparison between PLT and some other relevant technologies is presented in Table 15-1 . Table 15-1: Comparison of technologies for local loop access Technology Copper Wires Strength Mature Robust Wide variety of choices Ease of use ISDN Mature Robust Available Cable Modems Excellent performance Mature Many trial basis only Always On Shared resource with others Low Cost Slows down with contention Ease of installation ADSL/Copper based Great performance Always on Low cost Uses existing wiring Power Line Technology Good performance Immature Standards not 100% Different ways to implement Length of wire (local loop) can be problematic Distance limited Expensive for consumer On-demand mostly Newer always-on not robust Limited coverage (geographic) Weakness Slow speed On demand services only
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Table 28-4: A look at what DWDM and fiber rates will bring over the next decade Technology and capacities Current vs. Future technology each or a total of 400 Gbps. Currently, the industry has achieved a total of 320 Gbps with the 400 Gbps rate in the very near future. DWDM at OC 192 and 80 The current spacing of 100 GHz, as specified by the ITU, is under attack. The near future holds the promise of doubling the number of wavelengths by using a 50 GHz spacing, allowing up to twice as many wavelengths on the same fiber (80) each operating at 10 Gbps. This is a turn-of-the-century technology with up to 40 Gbps per wavelength and 40 wavelengths or a total of approximately 1.6 Tbps. By the year 2002, we can probably expect to see the OC 768 plus the use of 80 wavelengths or a 3.2 Tbps throughput on the fiber.
You might have recently noticed a peculiar phrase in the front matter of some novels (on the page where the publisher is identified, and so on): So-and-so [the author] asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work. You may also notice in your employment contract that you are being asked to relinquish any moral rights in the work you create. So what in the heck is a moral right Moral rights are an idea that originated in Europe in the last hundred years. Some artists began to be distressed about the fact that when they sell a work, they lose all control over it. A painting could be used in pornography, or to advertise shaving cream purposes which the artist did not intend them for and does not like. The idea behind moral rights is that by creating a work, the artist retains certain rights over the work even if he sells the copyright: the right to prevent it from being distorted (or destroyed, if it is a unique item), and the right to be identified as its creator. The moral rights always remain with the artist, and, in theory, the artist cannot sell or give away moral rights even if he wants to. The notion of moral rights is highly respected in countries where there is a strong cultural belief in the value of art and artists, France in particular. Unfortunately, the United States is not one of these countries. Until very recently, the U.S. has always taken the position that selling intellectual property rights confers more-or-less absolute control over the property: if you own the rights to an image, even if someone else created it, you can do whatever you like with it. By selling the copyright, the creator gives up all rights, moral and otherwise. However, just to make sure of the point, companies that hire creative people like video game developers, for example! have started to include clauses to the effect that as an employee, you give up any moral rights to your work. This is an area in which the law is changing. California and New York have both passed laws concerning the moral rights of visual artists and authors, and if you are concerned about such things, you ll need, as ever, to seek an attorney. But I wouldn t fight this one. It s not as if you re creating paintings one by one and selling them; the company is paying you a salary to work for them, and they have a reasonable expectation that they own the work and everything about it. If your video game creation turns up in an ad for a soft drink (as Lara Croft has in Britain, for a sports drink called Lucozade), you re just going to have to get used to it.
Even if a query contains all four of these objects in a query, the user is prompted only once to select a city.
Here is a simple example of a CTP configuration:
TABLE 21-5 Methods Supported by Double (continued)
What does endometritis in the postpartum period refer to It refers to infection of the decidua (i.e., pregnancy endometrium), and also the myometrium (endomyometritis) and parametrial tissues (parametritis) The route of delivery. The risk of infection is 5 10 times higher in cesarean delivery compared to vaginal delivery Bacterial vaginosis and group B streptococcus Fever (> 100.4 F) Uterine tenderness Foul lochia Leukocytosis (increased neutrophil count with left shift) Typically presents on postpartum day 2 or 3 What is the gold-standard treatment IV clindamycin and gentamycin q8h. Improvement is usually seen 48 72 hours after treatment has begun Wound infection Septic pelvic thrombophlebitis Pelvic abscess Drug-induced fever Yes. Prophylaxis reduces the rate of endometritis by two-thirds to threequarters. Single agents such as ampicillin and first-generation cephalosporins are ideal prophylactic antibiotics It occurs when there are retained products of conception after spontaneous abortion, pregnancy termination, or delivery Fever Irregular vaginal bleeding Pelvic pain Malaise
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