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n some chemical reactions, the reactants are not entirely converted to products. This is because as the products form, they react to re-form the reactants in a reverse reaction. When the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction, the system is said to be at equilibrium. At equilibrium, the forward and the reverse reactions proceed at the same rate, so the concentrations of the reactants and products do not change. LeCh telier s principle states that if a system at equilibrium is subjected to a stress, the equilibrium will shift in a direction that will relieve the stress. One such stress is a change of concentration. In this activity, you will see how changing the concentration of a reactant or product creates a new equilibrium.
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I know you want this position very much, but you rationalize why you may not get it, making the organization the villain in the process.
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circuit for different frequencies by examining its impedance. For example, we may want to know not only the peak or resonant frequency of the circuit, but also over what range of frequencies the circuit is inductive or capacitive. First, let s review some basic concepts of AC circuit analysis we began to discuss in 6. The impedance of a circuit is Z = R + jX (8.5)
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Table C-1 shows the files are created on installation of the Program Neighborhood Client in the following path:
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CDs and DVDs are marvels of modern technology, storing data as dots smaller than a human hair whizzing past a laser at hundreds of kilometers per hour. Blu-ray Discs (BD) are even more complicated to produce because of their thinner data layer and smaller pit structure chararacteristics. More care needs to be taken to properly replicate the pits and to bond the substrates together. Table 5.1 lists the physical characteristics of the Blu-ray Discs. Most of these characteristics are shared by all the physical formats (read-only, writable, 12 centimeter and 8 centimeter). Blu-ray discs are similar to DVDs and HD DVDs but with different substrate thicknesses (see Figure 5.1). The data substrate, often called the cover layer, is 0.1 mm thick, and the other substrate is 1.1 mm thick. The thin cover layer allows the laser to converge more sharply1 without undue aberration from disc tilt2. This leads to smaller spot sizes and thus higher data density compared to DVD or HD DVD. Minor variations in pit length on the disc result in three slightly different capacities (see Table 5.2). Table 5.1 Physical Characteristics of BD
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Commercial CASE Tools
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program that properly uses SimpleQueue. For example, it still works fine with the QDemo class from 5. However, it prevents the improper use of a SimpleQueue. For example, the last two statements are illegal:
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Foundations of Calculus
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C- & L-Bands DWDM (1.6, 0.8, 0.4, 0.2 nm) G.694.1
Reference Data
The Month function takes a date input_parameter and returns the name of the month for that date.
Safety Precautions
Lipid Bilayer energetics and Permeability
Transformer. Since a transformer conveys AC energy from one circuit to another by electromagnetic induction, we can increase or decrease the current or voltage by changing the ratio of the windings between the primary and the secondary. A low-frequency transformer is made up of a primary coil, which obtains energy from an alternating current source. The primary s expanding and contracting magnetic flux lines flow through a core made of steel plates, which concentrates this flux with the least amount of losses. The primary s flux lines cut the secondary coil, inducing an AC voltage and producing a current that flows through the transformer s load. Rectification. Rectification is the first step in obtaining a smooth DC output voltage. AC power can be changed into pulsating DC by employing one of three general rectification circuits. The most basic technique is half-wave rectification (Fig. 8.38), which has a peak voltage that is almost equal to the input AC peak voltage and demands few components (a single diode). However, this method gives us a troublesometo-filter 60-Hz output. The second method, full-wave rectification (Fig. 8.39), has a simple-to-filter 120-Hz output. Unfortunately, only half of the input s peak AC voltage is available to the load because of the transformer s center tap. The dominant method in modern quality power supplies is bridge rectification (Fig. 8.40), which not only furnishes us with an easy-to-filter 120 Hz, but also the full input AC peak voltage levels at the output. Filtering. A low-pass filter is necessary in order to smooth out the pulsating DC power that results from rectification, since such amplitude variations would be unacceptable for many electronic circuits. Filtering is used to eliminate this pulsating component, while giving us a constant, unchanging current output.
1. Clean and dry all glassware. 2. Return all lab equipment to its proper place. 3. Clean up your work area.
Case Studies
ATM Traffic Management The fundamental cell stream consists of unassigned cells. Each source can replace unassigned cells with assigned data or control cell channels as required. When assigned cells are multiplexed from several sources, they must wait in queues for unassigned cell slots not being used by higher-priority cell streams. This results in variable delay on a channel, caused by the traffic distributions of other channels (Figure 10.12). In extreme cases, it can also lead to cell loss, where no unassigned cell slots are available before queue overflow occurs.
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