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// Demonstrate casting. using System; class CastDemo { static void Main() { double x, y; byte b; int i; char ch; uint u; short s; long l; x = 10.0; y = 3.0; // Cast double to int, fractional component lost. i = (int) (x / y); Console.WriteLine("Integer outcome of x / y: " + i); Console.WriteLine(); // Cast an int into a byte, no data lost. i = 255; b = (byte) i; Console.WriteLine("b after assigning 255: " + b + " -- no data lost."); // Cast an int into a byte, data lost. i = 257; b = (byte) i; Console.WriteLine("b after assigning 257: " + b + " -- data lost."); Console.WriteLine(); // Cast a uint into a short, no data lost. u = 32000; s = (short) u; Console.WriteLine("s after assigning 32000: " + s + " -- no data lost."); // Cast a uint into a short, data lost. u = 64000; s = (short) u; Console.WriteLine("s after assigning 64000: " + s + " -- data lost."); Console.WriteLine();
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Complex Queries
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This data is from a scientific paper written by Hans Geiger. Use Figure C to estimate the initial y-position for each value of the given in Geiger s data. Record each estimate in Data Table 3. Plot the initial y-position values against the number of detected -particles per minute given in Data Table 3. Label this graph Figure D.
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You can specify the value of one or more of the symbols by using an initializer. Do this by following the symbol with an equal sign and an integer value. Symbols that appear after initializers are assigned values greater than the previous initialization value. For example, the following code assigns the value of 10 to RedDel:
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Every hand is unique. Hand geometry scanners, such as those made by RSI, take measurements of the length, width, thickness, and surface area of the hand and four fingers. These features are distinctive enough to permit verification of a claimed identity; however, they are not enough for an identification search. The technology uses a 32,000-pixel CCD digital camera to record the hand s three-dimensional shape from silhouetted images projected within the scanner. A picture of a typical RSI system is shown in Figure 3-3. The RSI image acquisition system comprises a light source, a camera, a single mirror, and a flat surface (with five pegs arranged on it). The user places his hand palm facing downward on the flat surface of the device. The five pegs serve as control points for an appropriate placement of the user s right hand. The device is hooked to a PC with an application that can provide a live visual feedback of the top view and the side view of the hand. The user interface aids in capturing the hand image. The lone mirror projects the side view of the user s hand onto the camera. RSI s device captures two images of the hand. The user places his or her hand on a highly reflective surface. After an image is captured, the location and size of the hand is determined by segmenting the reflected light from the dark mask created by the hand-obscuring portions of the reflective surface. The second image is acquired using the same camera and a mirror to measure the thickness profile of the hand. Using only the binary image of the hand and the reflective background, the system is incapable of
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Thermal Averaging
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Characteristic Impedance of a Transmission Line
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The following program puts together all of the pieces and demonstrates the use of RemarkAttribute:
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// Use an anonymous method as an event handler. evt.SomeEvent += delegate { // This is the event handler. Console.WriteLine("Event received."); };
Subtypes are three variations (self-preservation, social, and one-to-one) of Enneagram styles. They reflect three different ways in which individuals of a style express their basic needs. Self-preservation subtypes focus on safety and security issues, social subtypes focus on the group, and one-to-one subtypes emphasize relationships with other people on an individual (one-toone) basis. Subtypes are important in helping people identify their Enneagram style more precisely, because the three subtypes of the style can behave quite differently, even though their essential motivation and patterns of thinking and feeling are similar. In addition to your core Enneagram style, there are four related styles that may add additional characteristics to your personality. Wings are the two styles on either side of your core style. Arrow lines refer to the two styles connected by the arrows that point toward and away from your core Enneagram style. Individuals may have access to both wings and both arrow styles, none of the four styles, or some combination in between. Individuals of the same Enneagram style can also behave somewhat differently, depending on their use of their wings and/or arrows.
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Figure 5-4 Typical computer hard disk drive (Image courtesy Robert Jacek Tomczak)
Suppose that a voltage v(t) = V sin( t + ) is across a capacitor C. The current in the capacitor is i(t) = C dv = C V cos( t + ) dt
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