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every record or template in the database. This type of comparison is called a one-to-many search (1:N). Depending on how the system is designed, it can make a best match, or it can score possible matches, ranking them in order of likelihood. Identification applications are common when the goal is to identify criminals, terrorists, or other wolves in sheep s clothing. Verification occurs when the biometric system asks and attempts to answer the question, Is this X after the user claims to be X. In a verification application, the biometric system requires input from the user, at which time the user claims his or her identity via a password, token, or user name (or any combination of the three). This user input points the system to a template in the database. The system also requires a biometric sample from the user. It then processes and compares the sample to or against the user-defined template. This is called a one-to-one search (1:1). The system will either find or fail to find a match between the two. For example, if Cathy s system relies on fingerprints, she must place her finger on a fingerprint reader when she logs in. The reader will examine the fingerprint reading she provides and try to match it to measurements that were previously collected from her. If the latest measurement matches closely enough, the system acknowledges that Cathy is present and logs her in or grants her access. Cathy has no device to lose or password to forget: she can authenticate herself as long as the appropriate physical characteristic or personal trait hasn t been badly injured or degraded. The biometric authentication process begins with a biometric sensor of some kind. When Cathy tries to log in, the sensor collects a biometric reading from her and generates a biometric template from the reading, which becomes the authenticator. The verifier is based on one or more biometric readings previously collected from Cathy. The verification procedure essentially measures how closely the authenticator matches the verifier. If the system decides that the match is close enough, the system authenticates Cathy; otherwise authentication is denied. The measured properties of Cathy s biometric trait serve the role of the base secret in a biometric system. However, it s important to recognize that her biometric traits aren t really secrets. Cathy often leaves measurable traces of these secrets wherever she goes, such as fingerprints on surfaces, the recorded sound of her voice, or even video records of her face and body. This latency provides a way for attackers to generate a bogus authenticator and use it to trick the system into thinking that Cathy is actually present. Moreover, it may be possible to intercept a genuine authenticator collected from Cathy and replay it later. Thus, accurate authentication depends in part on whether the system can ensure that biometric authenticators are actually presented by live people, as discussed in 10.
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using System; class FormatDemo2 { static void Main() { // Format the same argument three different ways: Console.WriteLine("{0:F2} {0:F3} {0:e}", 10.12345); // Display arguments in non-sequential order. Console.WriteLine("{2:d} {0:d} {1:d}", 1, 2, 3); } }
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Metal masts tend to draw the nal step of a leader to themselves within a radius equal to their height. The conical zone beneath the tip is known as the zone of protection. A person or object entirely within this zone is substantially protected from a direct strike. Figure 5.3 shows zones of protection for a powerboat with a lightning-protective mast and with the mast extended by a grounded air terminal. Powerboat hulls do not generally fall entirely within their zones of protection unless either their masts are extended by grounded antennas or outriggers, or they have more than one grounded mast. Figure 5.4 shows the zone of protection for a sailboat mast less than 50 feet. A sailboat hull will usually lie entirely within the zone of protection. To qualify as a lightning-protective mast, the mast must either be metal or be equipped with an air terminal and metal conductor to ground (see Figure 5.6). Figure 5.5 shows the zone of protection for a boat with a lightning-protective mast more than 50 feet. With more than one mast, zones are drawn for each mast. The combined protective zone includes all areas under one or more of the individual zones. To qualify as lightning protective, each mast must be grounded. Multihulls require grounding plates in each hull.
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3. Predicting Predict the shape and Lewis structure for CBr4. code 128
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5. Calculate each of the following de nite integrals.
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What is a normal umbilical artery S/D ratio What is a high umbilical artery S/D ratio associated with What are the three types of decelerations Describe early decelerations
One of our executives with a drinking problem has been sent to a counselor.
ROM Monitor (ROMMON mode)
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