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Figure 2.2 A BIM graphic showing various types of information being derived from a 3D model, e.g., plans, sections, etc., and component information. (Image courtesy of Vico.)
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Calculations allow you to add subtotals to a table that contains breaks. If the table does not contain any breaks, then the calculations are grand totals for the entire block. In most instances, if you add a calculation to one measure, you will want them on all measures in a report. The subtotals are inserted as formulas in the break footer. Table 19-3 lists the calculations available via the Report toolbar or Calculation pop-up menu as well as the formula syntax inserted in the break footer. The Calculation dialog box is somewhat context-sensitive, depending on the object type (character, date, number). For example, you may want to count the number of states in which you have stores, but this is not something you would sum or average.
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for(int i=0; i < shapes.Length; i++) { Console.WriteLine("object is " + shapes[i].Name); Console.WriteLine("Area is " + shapes[i].Area()); Console.WriteLine(); } } }
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speeds more compatible with those required in inter-LAN networking (connecting LANs across a distance of tens of miles) and was well suited as a platform for the emerging data services. Service Providers were, to a limited extent, already offering Ethernet-based Point to Point (Ethernet extension) and Multipoint (transparent LAN) services.
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Welcome to Competition Robots
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Sensing that the relationship was going awry, Susan said to Marianne, Something shifted when we began to discuss the development schedule. Is there something about the scheduling that would be helpful for us to talk about Marianne answered, I m just so busy right now that nding the time is hard. What she was thinking, however, was this: You re pressuring me.
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Defining the existing network architecture is crucial to designing a solid Citrix infrastructure, including routers, switches, protocols, policy servers, bandwidth allocation policies, remote office servers, existing redundancy options, and remote capabilities. Any existing network reliability or performance problems such as client latency issues need to be identified and ultimately resolved prior to the rollout.
Part I:
Although an ArrayList can store objects of any type within the same list, when sorting or searching a list, it is necessary for those objects to be comparable. For example, the preceding program would have generated an exception if the list had included a string. (It is possible to create custom comparison methods that would allow the comparison of strings and integers, however. Custom comparators are discussed later in this chapter.)
The prototype for sprintf( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The sprintf( ) function is identical to printf( ) except that the output generated is placed into the array pointed to by buf. See the printf( ) function. The return value is equal to the number of characters actually placed into the array.
a connection between two tables in which rows of each table can be related to many rows of the other table. M-N relationships cannot be directly represented in the Relational Model. Two 1-M relationships and a linking or associative table represent an M-N relationship.
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Understanding Relational Databases
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Traffic Forecasts
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