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The word disc, in reference to optical discs, should be spelled with a c, not a k. The generally accepted rule is that optical discs are spelled with a c, whereas magnetic disks are spelled with a k. For magneto-optical discs, which are a combination of both formats, the word is spelled with c because the discs are read with a laser. The New York Times, after years of head-in-the-sand usage of k for all forms of data storage, revised its manual in 1999 to conform to industry practice. Standards bodies such as ECMA and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) persist in spelling it wrong, but what can you expect from bureaucracies Anyone writing about DVD who spells it disk instead of disc immediately puts the reader on notice that the author is clueless.
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Load and Resistance Factor Rating and Redesign
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The return statement causes a method to return. It can also be used to return a value. It is examined in 6.
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where the targets of the if and else are single statements. The else clause is optional. Because a block of statements can be used wherever a single statement is legal, the targets of both the if and else can be blocks of statements. Therefore, the general form of the if using blocks of statements is if(condition) { statement sequence } else { statement sequence } If the conditional expression is true, the target of the if will be executed; otherwise, if it exists, the target of the else will be executed. At no time will both of them be executed. The conditional expression controlling the if must produce a bool result.
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In this example, one interface is trunking fa0/1: the trunking mode is on, the trunking protocol is 802.1Q, and the native VLAN is 1.
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released in the course of biochemical reactions, conformational transitions, or ligand binding. For example, calorimetry can be used to determine the amount of energy necessary to unwind a piece of DNA helix. Calorimetry can also be used to measure the binding strength of various drugs to a particular protein. The results are then used to determine which drug is most effective at a particular task. There are various types of calorimeters. In particular, microcalorimeters are useful for measuring the very small amounts of energy associated with many biophysical processes. There are numerous other biophysical techniques not yet discussed here. The goal of this chapter has been to present and define some of the more common techniques.
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Perhaps the most frequently used string-handling operation is the comparison of one string to another. Before we examine any of the comparison methods, a key point needs to be made. String comparisons can be performed in two general ways by the .NET Framework. First, a comparison can reflect the customs and norms of a given culture, which is often the cultural setting in force when the program executes. This is the default behavior of some, but not all, of the comparison methods. Second, comparisons can be performed independently of cultural settings, using only the ordinal values of the characters that comprise the string. In general, string comparisons that are culture-sensitive use dictionary order (and linguistic features) to determine whether one string is greater than, equal to, or less than another. Ordinal string comparisons simply order strings based on the unmodified value of each character.
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Through mother-to-child transmission via transplacental infection (50%), peripartum infection (30%), or via breast-feeding (20%) 25%
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Using Casts in Expressions
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Although only the default constructor is used by this example, NotFoundException implements all of the constructors defined by Exception for the sake of illustration. Notice that these constructors simply invoke the equivalent base class constructor defined by Exception. Because NotFoundException adds nothing to Exception, there is no reason for any further action. The following program puts together all the pieces and demonstrates PhoneList. Notice that a class called EmailFriend is also created. This class does not inherit PhoneNumber. Thus, it cannot be used to create a PhoneList.
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VoIP and SS7
Digital signal source
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The sample Island Resorts Marketing (BEACH.UNV) universe contains information about resorts and customers who visit those resorts. Resorts can be located in different countries, and customers can be located in different countries. If you were building this universe from scratch, Designer would have detected a join between the following tables:
Frequently it is useful to nd the area between two curves. See Fig. 4.17. Following the model that we have set up earlier, we rst note that the intersected region has left endpoint at x = a and right endpoint at x = b. We partition the interval [a, b] as shown in Fig. 4.18. Call the partition
Description Provides large Federal System Integration (FSI) organizations (like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin) with cloud advice and expertise. Bills itself as your home in the cloud. Allows you to store documents and other information on the cloud and also offers opportunities to develop applications and share them with others. Elastra offers to design, deploy and manage database and application infrastructure in the cloud in minutes all with the click of a button. Helps manage client data on the cloud. On-demand deployment and management of Ruby on Rails applications on Amazon EC2. Says they focus on solving the cost and complexity for enterprises that run large technical server infrastructures. Promises to enable usage based monetization (instant SaaS metering) for SaaS and Cloud Computing vendors. A flexible, scalable, automated hosting platform. An online desktop complete with standard office applications. Allows businesses and developers to predictably scale on-line systems under any peak demand, guarantee real-time performance under any data processing load and seamlessly leverage the economies of scale offered by virtual computing environments such as clouds and grids. GoGrid offers customers the ability to grow production servers in real time to meet demand without affecting uptime. Google is the hands-down leader in cloud computing, offering everything from online applications to a development platform for creating custom apps. Provides monitoring and management applications for all types of web tools. IBM is focused on helping organizations build secure and efficient infrastructures with cloud computing as part of the solution.
As the preceding section has explained, C# has two ways of creating queries: the query syntax and the query methods. What is interesting, and not readily apparent by simply looking at a program s source code, is that the two approaches are more closely related than you might at first assume. The reason is that the query syntax is compiled into calls to the query methods. Thus, when you write something like
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