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Project Risks
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Server Certificate
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In the first season of Robotica, bots had to survive three different preliminary rounds. The first event was the Speed Demons race, where two bots raced around a figure-8 shaped track in opposite directions. The first bot that finished eight laps won the race. If the 2-minute time limit expired with both bots on the track, the race was ended. Points were given to each bot for each lap finished. The bots were allowed to crash into each other when their paths crossed. The second event was the Maze event. Here, the bots had to navigate to the center of a maze and overcome several obstacles, which included a teeter-totter ramp, a weighted box, spiked paddles, speed bumps, a guillotine, and a waterfall. The first robot to the center won the event. Points were given to each bot for each obstacle successfully navigated. The final event was the Gauntlet event. Each bot had to crash through five increasingly difficult obstructions. The obstacles included a pane of glass, a wall made of pint-sized metal cans, small bricks, stacked cement blocks, and a large weighted box. Two bots ran identical parallel courses, and the first bot that moved the weighted box won the event. Points were also awarded for each obstacle the bot went through. The bot with the most points after the three events won the preliminary round and got to fight the winner of another set of events. The final match, called Fight to the Finish, took place on a 16-foot diameter ring 8 feet off the ground. To win this event, your bot had to push the opponent off the ring to its death on spikes below the ring.
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ActivCard 5.4
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When the service is down, Self-Service Password Reset is unavailable. The failed service has no impact on users, unless they forgot their primary passwords. If users attempt to use Self-Service Password Reset when the service is down, an error message appears. Optionally, users can contact the administrator or Help desk to reset their passwords.
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F o r m u l a s a n d Va r i a b l e s
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Using Abstract Classes
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Exploring the C# Library
Designing and Building the Smart Home LAN
What information is gathered during a manual pelvic examination
Table 16-1. Recommended Group Policy Settings for Terminal Servers (continued)
Network Security Controls
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Analyzing the Data
sion process, but due to the structure of the DD+ bitstream, the content from those channels is retained in the converted Dolby Digital stream by means of a downmix process that occurs in the Dolby Digital Pus encoder during the production process. However, only the 5.1 downmix of streams originally with 6.1 or 7.1 channels will be heard. Second, most of the extra features of Dolby Digital Plus have the greatest effect at very low encoding rates rather than at the data rates one would typically expect on a Blu-ray disc. DD+ is able to retain its level of perceptual quality at lower data rates, but in the moderate and higher data rate ranges that are more consistent with what would be expected to be used on a BD disc, the difference in quality between AC-3 and DD+ is actually quite small. Even though DD+ can support data rates as high as 4.7 Mbps on BD, such high rates would offer little perceived improvement to the audio experience in a 5.1-channel surround environment.
Situations can arise where one party offers a number of media types and the responding party can support several of the offered media types. In the
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