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Finally, beyond the capabilities described in the 1129 interface specification, the IP needs support services such as logging, administration, alarm processing, statistics gathering and reporting, and database and network access. The IP falls into two categories of service: application processing and resource processing. The application processor supports the call processing logic and access to the databases and data networks. It initiates transactions, receives instructions, and reports success or failure of the action. The application processors also require connections to communication networks and hosts. An IP needs multiple data paths because it must be able to contact multiple hosts and must be able to survive the loss of a single communication pathway. It needs to communicate with SCPs to receive instructions and communicate with switching facilities in order to terminate circuits. It also needs to communicate with other network elements, such as the SMS (for provisioning), and to internal and external databases. This requires multiple data paths and alternate routing. The resource processor manages the switching, voice channel facilities, and media processing resources. The media processing normally requires multiple processors and disk storage to handle the media streams. It may also require switching, such as a time division multiplexer or external switches. These two elements are very different from each other. They perform different functions; consequently, they require very different hardware and software processing elements. The architecture for AIN with the SSP, SCP, and IP in place on the stack is shown in Figure 4.3 .
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references to VLAN IDs, those internal references are translated by the bridges in the same manner as the data frames. Any VLAN tags carried inside the outermost VLAN tags, e.g., C-tags inside S-tags, are unaffected by this transformation, as proper layering dictates. Note that translating in one direction only would be adequate for point-to-point links. However, as soon as three bridges or more are connected to a single medium, e.g., to an EVC offered by another provider, translation in both directions is necessary in the general case. On a shared medium, there must be a wire VLAN ID for each EVC, and each bridge must translate in both directions between the wire VLAN ID and the ID used in that bridge s network.
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Collections, Enumerators, and Iterators
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Figure 12.11 Structural repairs, grouting with pipe injection of concrete. data matrix
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Src. IP
warehouse, anyway ), business analysts who have developed departmental databases, or power users. Positive influencers expedite your implementation and provide a lot of positive word-of-mouth promotion. Negative influencers impede your efforts by spreading fear and doubt. Unfortunately, you may encounter a degree of job protection or not invented here syndrome with negative influencers. These are the hurdles to overcome. If a business analyst has spent an inordinate amount of time creating queries to populate departmental databases and spreadsheets, then the BusinessObjects XI implementation will be perceived as a threat. It renders their data sources obsolete. Negative influencers may slow your implementation by seeding your new users with doubt by saying, Look how slow it is! The data is wrong! For this reason, you need influencers on your side. If they know the data requirements, then get them to have a stake in BusinessObjects XI s success. While they may be proud of the departmental system they created, they will know too well the manual processes and reconciliation time they go through to keep the data current and accurate. If they cannot be directly part of the project team, ensure they are a focal point for implementation or a designated BusinessObjects expert. Many companies have more than one BI tool for a variety of reasons: departmental autonomy to buy their own BI solution, merger and acquisition, best of breed capabilities in several tools, to name a few. Of all the applications IT must deliver, BI standardization is the most contentious (next to spreadsheets, that is). If you are charged with reducing the number of different BI tools and converting users to the corporate standard of BusinessObjects XI, then the competing BI tool experts will be powerful influencers. They will be the first to spot how their tool is better and argue for standardizing on their BI tool. In some cases, competing BI tools may have better functionality in specific areas, so give them credit and save your breath. If you have followed an objective selection process, you should be able to articulate how the standard was selected and by what criteria BusinessObjects XI was the best fit for your company. You may have to do this multiple times before you gain acceptance. If the decision to implement BusinessObjects XI as a corporate standard was autocratic, blame the decision-maker and march onward. The bottom line is that the measure of success is not who agrees with the decision, but rather, that the standard is adopted and how well you use it to achieve a measurable business benefit.
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What types of changes occur during puberty 1. Development of secondary sexual characteristics 2. Growth 3. Changes in body composition 4. Achievement of fertility 1. Thelarche: breast development 2. Pubarche: development of pubic hair 3. Menarche: beginning of menses Thelarche (breast development) pubarche (pubic hair growth) peak growth spurt menarche 4.5 years is the average duration of puberty. On an average, thelarche begins at 10 years and menarche at 12 years of age A staging system for the sequence of pubertal development. Divides the development of secondary sex characteristics into five stages
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Some companies have discovered that certain duplicators make excellent workgroup publishing devices, as well as (or even instead of) being an effective means of producing relatively large numbers of discs. Generally, autoloader systems that have networking capabilities work best in this role.
Damping Ratio = 0.2 (C = C) Spline (k = 10) Optimized Polydyne
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