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Simpli ed Structural Options (5 Rs, Widening, or Demolish)
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Audit charters are used for projects internal to an organization. Internal audit projects will often employ an audit charter. They prove useful to ensure management s buy-in within an organization. Audit charters provide assistance to the project by communicating and formalizing the following: Sponsorship by executive management The goals of the project The planned time frame for audit activities Obligations of team members Expectations of team members Chartered projects will often be kicked off with a meeting or a social event. This will help the team by allowing introductions to be made between team members in different departments. The event also serves to reinforce the goals, obligations, and expectations of the project. When an outsourced IS audit resource is brought in to a chartered audit project, it is important that the auditor become familiar with the audit charter. This will allow the auditor to understand what has been communicated to client management and control owners. NOTE Software implementation projects involving multiple departments may also employ a similar project charter. IS auditors may be brought into projects working under a project charter as well.
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Coaxial cable is the cable you screw into the back of your DVD player and TV. If you re like most Americans, you ve probably had a small aneurysm trying to figure out in which way coaxial cable connects between the TV, DVD player, VCR, satellite decoder, TiVo, and so forth. Coaxial cable (popularly known as coax cable) is used to transmit radio frequency (RF) signals, such as television and radio signals. As Figure 2-6 shows, there are two components on a chunk of coax cable.
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7124 Mbps is the data rate of active video at ITU-R BT.601 4:2:0 sampling with 8 bits, which provides an average of 12 bits per pixel (720 480 30 12 or 720 576 25 12). The commonly seen 270 Mbps fig-ure comes from studio-format video that uses 4:2:2 sampling at 10 bits and includes blanking intervals. At higher 4:4:4 10-bit sampling, the data rate is 405 Mbps.
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Program Control Statements
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Fig. 6-7 Sketch the cone, and next to the cone sketch the profile of the entire cone and a partially filled cone with radius x and height h. This is another similar triangles problem! The radius to height ratio is the same for any radius and depth. In this case the similar triangles are the ones with sides x and y, and 5 and 10.
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to specify StringComparison.InvariantCulture for the how parameter in which case all cultural differences are avoided. This approach is demonstrated by the following program:
5 I N D E T E R M I N A T E F O R M S
200 0 100 Horizontal (total 2574) 24 Tilt (total 2230)
Here is sample output:
A particular measure of Ethernet in the metro networks is the investment in equipment used to support Ethernet services and connections in provider networks. By 2009, Infonetics Research forecasts Ethernet making major inroads into metro telecom equipment spending, as service providers have and will spend much, a cumulative total of over $49 billion for the five-year period 2005 2009. Over the next five to ten years, Ethernet will inexorably take over the metro though there will never be a wholesale change because of the SONET/SDH installed base. Although total metro capital expenditures will hold steady or grow slowly, every year Ethernet will account for a greater portion of metro CAPEX, driving a 32 percent CAGR for 2005 2009. Ethernet has moved out of the original LAN space and into the access and metro. With investments in Ethernet-enabled equipment and the expanding offerings of Ethernet services, service providers are now pushing manufacturers to develop the capabilities for Ethernet to be a viable transport for metro and long-haul networks. Many protocol efforts are underway to achieve this end, such as packet backbone transport (PBT) and transport MPLS (T-MPLS). With the development of a solid Ethernet transport, service providers will be able to design their next generation networks more simply, without a SONET/SDH layer, to reach the long-term goal of IP/Ethernet over optical networks.
Flyout option menus and popouts On certain toolbars and dockers you re going to find flyout and popout menus, which are often accessed by clicking a button that has a small, triangular-shaped, flyout arrow pointing to the right. Popouts are usually selectors in which you can choose a nonnumeric option, and they can contain text and even mini-controls, depending on the operation or tool that is chosen. You can spot a tool on the Toolbox, for example, that has extended options you access straight from the tool button by a tick mark on the button s lower right. Flyouts often contain ways to change behavior states, apply commands, and access options. Some apply options immediately, while others require that they be closed first using the small X symbol usually found at the upper-right corner. Examples of each are shown in the following:
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