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S2. Circular DNA is always superhelical. S3. A superhelix is a quaternary structure. S4. Energy stored in the superhelix can be used to unwind the DNA.
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The I/O system defines both byte and character stream classes. However, the character stream classes are really just wrappers that convert an underlying byte stream to a character stream, handling any conversion automatically. Thus, the character streams, while logically separate, are built upon byte streams. All stream classes are defined within the System.IO namespace. To use these classes, you will usually include the following statement near the top of your program:
// First, construct a MyThread object. MyThread mt = new MyThread("Child #1"); // Next, construct a thread from that object. Thread newThrd = new Thread(mt.Run); // Finally, start execution of the thread. newThrd.Start();
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Let s begin with the simplest situation. If you will not be making use of the short-circuit logical operators, then you can overload & and | as you would intuitively think, with each returning a bool result. An overloaded ! will also usually return a bool result. Here is an example that overloads the !, &, and | logical operators for objects of type ThreeD. As before, each assumes that a ThreeD object is true if at least one coordinate is non-zero. If all three coordinates are zero, then the object is false.
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The output generated by this program is shown here:
// Return an array. using System; class Factor { /* Return an array containing the factors of num. On return, numfactors will contain the number of factors found. */ public int[] FindFactors(int num, out int numfactors) { int[] facts = new int[80]; // size of 80 is arbitrary int i, j;
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