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Use of In uence Lines for Live Load Analysis
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Transport/ data-link
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Part 2: Bonus Schedule
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Spring force
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1. When a situation gets emotional, intense, or overwhelming, do you automatically disconnect from your feelings of the moment and then reconnect with some of these later, at a time and place of your choice
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The Local Host Cache and the Data Store Polling Interval
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A Better Universe
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Figure 4-5
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User Experience
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C++ from the Ground Up
Run this program to prove to yourself that the built-in new and delete operators have indeed been overloaded.
In digital communications, everything is geared to not only supplying reliable communications at the lowest transmitted power and bandwidth practical, but also to maximizing the data rate. In fact, bandwidth, power, noise, and information capacity are all interrelated by Shannon s information theorem, which
Figure 7-15
applications and meetings the user has rights to and is around 24MB. The PowerPoint application used within the meeting is 10MB and the OSOverhead is 700MB. The denominator portion of the equation is the attendee s memory usage, which is 54.1MB. This includes all the processes associated with an ICA session, MCM_UI, CRoom, and CShadow. Please see Figure 9-4.
The Professional Photographer
Error rate measurements reveal the overall health and integrity of the physical transmission media and the attached devices. Error rate is calculated by counting each error type over some measurement time interval and reporting the average number of such events over that interval. The format of error types varies for each network technology. In Ethernet networks, transmission-related problems typically exhibit relatively high numbers of misformed frames, including runts (frames that are too small), jabbers (frames that are too large), misaligned frames (frames that do not end on an 8-bit character boundary), and frames with bad frame check sequences (indicating a bit error in the transmission). For a more detailed description of error types for Ethernet and other common LAN and WAN networks, refer to 14. Reporting of error rates sorted by MAC (Media Access Control) source address (top error sources) can quickly isolate the offending node or nodes in cases of faulty network interface cards.
Properties of the Phasor Transform
Here, two optional parameters are declared. They are beta and gamma. In this case, beta has a default value of 10, and gamma has a default value of 20. These defaults are used if no arguments are specified for these parameters when the method is called. Notice that alpha is not an optional parameter. Rather, it is a normal parameter, and an argument for it is always required. Assuming the preceding declaration of OptArgMeth( ), it can be called in the following ways:
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