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Table 11.1a Some examples of old and new methods for rehabilitation. Type Deck Slab Old Methods 1. Open steel grid 2. Steel grid lled with concrete 3. Reinforced concrete deck slab Cast iron Wrought iron Grade A36 steel New Methods 1. Exodermic 2. Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) concrete 3. Precast and prestressed deck panels Grade 50 steel Grade 50W steel Grade 70W steel Hybrid grades 50 and 70W steel Grade 100W steel Post-tensioned prestressed concrete Elastomeric pads Multi-rotational Seismic isolation Frame bent Pile bent Spill through Integral Semi-integral Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls Accelerated bridge construction
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PortFast works with all versions of STP supported by Cisco switches. Configuring the PortFast feature is simple, and you can enable it globally or on an interface-byinterface basis. To enable it globally, use this command:
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Add a Method to the Building Class
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Frequently it is useful to find the area between two curves. See Figure 4.17. Following the model that we have set up earlier, we first note that the region bounded by the two curves has left endpoint at x = a and right endpoint at
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This function writes the contents of a string to stdout:
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Mirror Tiles
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NASA has been working with the United States commercial satellite industry to achieve seamless interoperability of satellite and terrestrial telecommunications networks. The high latency and noise characteristics of satellite links cause inefficiencies when using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in an environment for which it was not designed. These problems are not limited to airborne communications and may appear in other high latency and noisy networks. Considerations, such as higher data rates and more users on data networks, can affect future terrestrial networks similar to those posed by satellites today. In the future, telecommunications networks with space stations, lunar stations, and planetary stations with their inherent latency, noise, and bandwidth characteristics need to be addressed. For now, the emphasis is on earth-orbiting communications satellites.
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Document functions allow you to access and display data related to a Web Intelligence document. Some of these functions are useful to insert in separate cells in a document header or footer as discussed in 21.
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string str = "C# strings are powerful.";
As you know, within a method, the other members of a class can be accessed directly, without any object or class qualification. Thus, inside Area( ), the statement
1. In the View pane, click the Devices icon. 2. Click the device for which you wish to create an event. 3. If there are any other events for this device, they will be displayed in the lower pane. 4. Click the Add Event icon (it looks like a little clock), or right-click in the Events pane and select Add Event. 5. A new event will appear in the Events pane. Its name will be the same as the device it controls. 6. Right-click the new event and select Event Properties to edit its trigger and global actions. By default, the trigger will be set to manual and the only way to cause the X10 device to activate is by selecting Execute Now after clicking the event name. The Event Properties dialog box is shown in Figure 15-9.
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The second most well-known of the DC motors is the shunt DC motor, so named because its field winding is connected in parallel with the armature (Figure 6-3). Because it doesn t have to handle the high motor armature currents, a shunt motor field coil is typically wound with many turns of fine gauge wire and has a much higher resistance than the armature. Because the shunt field is connected directly across the voltage source, the flux in the shunt motor remains relatively constant. Its torque is directly dependent upon the armature current, as described by torque equation: Torque 5 K 3 f 3 Ia This shows that, in a shunt motor, torque varies directly with the current, and the straight-line relationship shown in Figure 6-3 results. Although there is initially no counter emf to impede the flow of startup current in the armature of a shunt motor, the shunt motor s linear relationship is quickly established. As a result, the shunt motor does not produce nearly as much startup torque as the series motor. This translates to reduced acceleration performance for owners of shunt motor-powered EVs.
Digital Telecommunications Basics Digital Telecommunications Basics 61
Understanding printf( ) and scanf( )
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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