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// Display a string in reverse by using recursion. using System; class RevStr { // Display a string backward. public void DisplayRev(string str) { if(str.Length > 0) DisplayRev(str.Substring(1, str.Length-1)); else return; Console.Write(str[0]); } } class RevStrDemo { static void Main() { string s = "this is a test"; RevStr rsOb = new RevStr(); Console.WriteLine("Original string: " + s); Console.Write("Reversed string: "); rsOb.DisplayRev(s); Console.WriteLine(); } }
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Because the type argument is string, string is substituted for T inside MyGenClass. This creates a string version of MyGenClass, as the remaining lines in the program demonstrate.
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Component Strategy Name Purpose Appears in the drop-down list of the universe parameters, Strategies tab. Determines how the strategy is used in building the universe. The three types are OBJECTS, JOIN, STRUCT. STRUCT is used to build the list of tables. Execute SQL to read from the data dictionary. Example
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To show how easy WebRequest and WebReponse make Internet programming, a skeletal web crawler called MiniCrawler will be developed. A web crawler is a program that moves from link to link to link. Search engines use web crawlers to catalog content. MiniCrawler is, of course, far less sophisticated than those used by search engines. It starts at the URI that you specify and then reads the content at that address, looking for a link. If a link is found, it then asks if you want to go to that link, search for another link on the existing page, or quit. Although this scheme is quite simple, it does provide an interesting example of accessing the Internet using C#. MiniCrawler has several limitations. First, only absolute links that are specified using the href= http hypertext command are found. Relative links are not used. Second, there is no way to go back to an earlier link. Third, it displays only the links and no surrounding content. Despite these limitations, the skeleton is fully functional, and you will have no trouble enhancing MiniCrawler to perform other tasks. In fact, adding features to MiniCrawler is a good way to learn more about the networking classes and networking in general. Here is the entire code for MiniCrawler:
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b.Show(); Console.WriteLine(); c = a + b; // ThreeD + ThreeD Console.Write("Result of a + b: "); c.Show(); Console.WriteLine(); c = b + 10; // ThreeD + int Console.Write("Result of b + 10: "); c.Show(); } }
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Provide justification for your classification.
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10.4.5 Special-function cell types data matrix
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The prototype for kbhit( ) is in <conio.h>. This function is not defined by the ANSI/ISO C/C++ standard. The kbhit( ) function returns true if a key has been pressed on the keyboard. It returns 0 otherwise. In no situation is the key removed from the input buffer.
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
How do NSAIDs and OCPs work to treat dysmenorrhea
Private addresses are defined in RFC 1918:,, and If you use private addresses, you must have these translated to a public address before these packets reach a public network. Address translation is used when you don t have enough public addresses, you change ISPs but keep your existing addresses, you are merging companies with overlapping address spaces, or you want to assign the same IP address to multiple machines. The term inside local IP address refers to packets with a private or original IP address. The term inside global IP address refers to packets with a public, or translated, address. NAT translates one IP address to another, while PAT (address overloading) translates many IP addresses to the same global address, where the source port numbers are changed to ensure the translation device can differentiate the connections. PAR redirects traffic destined to a port on one device to a different device. Address translation allows access to an almost inexhaustible group of addresses and enables you to hide your internal network design from outsiders. It also gives you tighter control over traffic entering and leaving your network. However, address translation adds delay to your traffic, makes troubleshooting more difficult, and won t work with all applications, especially multimedia applications. The ip nat inside source static command sets up static NAT. The ip nat inside source list and ip nat pool (add overload to do PAT) commands set up dynamic translations. The ip nat inside|outside Interface Subconfiguration mode command defines which interfaces are considered internal and external for address translation. Use the show ip nat translations command to view the router s address translation table. The clear ip nat translation * command clears all dynamic address translation entries in the router s translation table. The debug ip nat command will show the translations the IOS is doing on every translated packet.
RTCP does not define the profile-specific extensions. If they are to be used with a given type of media (a given RTP payload type), then the profile definition of the payload in question should include a specification of the format and usage of any extensions.
Use a Lambda Expression as a Task
If an error occurs, the df_sclus field is set to 1.
12.3.2 Single Degree-of-Freedom System Compliance The solution of the single-degree-of-freedom cam-follower system is shown in the previous section. In this section we investigate the analysis and response of highly elastic systems such as the high-speed automotive valve-gear system and some special textile machines. Figures 12.3 and 12.4 show the displacement, velocity, and acceleration follower response curves of the simple harmonic and cycloidal basic cam curves. The w curves show the response for small values of n, where n = n , the ratio of the natural w frequency to the excitational frequency. For more rigid systems (n > 4) the analysis and the curves will be similar, having higher frequencies and smaller amplitudes. In both gures we see that the follower mass catches up with and overshoots the forcing cam dis-
= sec2 (where we have used Property (1)).
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