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When saving a profile to a file share, you must type the UNC path to the network file share where you want to store the profile. Note that Save To displays the location where
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Setting Extrude Color
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20 dBmV carrier level 20 dBmV carrier level
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Cleanup and Disposal
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The maxim haste makes waste is absolutely true when discharging batteries. The lower-right graph of Figure 8-2 shows that the faster you discharge your batteries, the lower the voltage (the less capacity) you have. If you take more and more from less and less, eventually you wind up with nothing at all a polite way of saying over-discharging kills battery life. A corollary of this action (depth-of-discharge) affects the number of charge/ discharge cycles your batteries can deliver. The number of cycles you can expect from your batteries is approximately given by the equation: Battery Life Cycles 5 Kd/Depth-of-Discharge In This equation says that the number of battery life cycles is inversely proportional to the depth-of-discharge ratio. If you consistently discharge your batteries to 90 percent, you re going to get less cycles out of them than running them down to the 50 percent depth-of-discharge area. In numbers, Kd might be about 12,000 for starting batteries, 24,000 for deep-cycle batteries, and 30,000 or more for industrial batteries. These values reflect the fact that heavier-duty batteries deliver more cycles or support heavier depthof-discharge rates better than starting batteries. What this equation doesn t say is Kd will vary with each and every individual user, because every user s application is different. If a manufacturer s literature mentions they obtained 750 cycles out of one of their batteries, it s no guarantee that you will. On the other hand, you might even do better. Because of gassing and loss of plate material as you go above the 90 percent charging point (10 percent depth-of-discharge), liability for battery damage as you go below the 20 percent charging point (80 percent depth-of-discharge), and the fact that every leadacid battery has a finite lifetime, the best operating guidance translates to operating your deep-cycle batteries at the middle of this range roughly the 40 to 60 percent depth-ofdischarge range for optimum balance between cycle-life, depth of discharge, and the actual physical (calendar) battery life. Heavier-duty industrial batteries can target the 60 to 80 percent maximum depth-of-discharge range for most efficient operation.
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this is a pointer to the object that invokes a member function.
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FIGURE 10-1 WeatherBug takes weather information stored on the Internet and displays it, depending on how the API is created.
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RouterA Switch 1 (DLCI 200) Switch 1 Switch 2 (DLCI 200) Switch 2 RouterB (DLCI 201)
Part I:
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In addition to the restrictions just described, there are no implicit conversions between decimal and float or double, or from the numeric types to char or bool. Also, char and bool are not compatible with each other.
These Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks drive the fiber closer to the consumer s door. They still use the conventional tree architecture, which branches off at the last mile (even if it is only a few hundred feet, the reference to the last mile still prevails in the communications business) from the node to the subscriber. Unfortunately, amplifiers may still be placed inefficiently, amplifier cascades are often longer than necessary, and active counts per mile may be higher than needed. Each of these factors increases the initial investment costs without improving the reliability of the network or reducing the ongoing operating costs. Over the past decade, CATV networks have migrated from the tree architecture, to the FBB, to the current HFC platform. Comparing the number of nodes during this period of evolution, the industry has reduced node servicing from 5,000- 20,000 homes per node to approximately 500 homes. This ten-year migration illustrates the rapid advancements that have taken place in the technology/cost structure. Many CATV providers believe a balance between cost and service capacity at 500 homes per node is acceptable. However, if subscription rates explode, a CATV company s platform must be easily adjustable to fewer nodes. In light of the initial investment costs of a system upgrade/rebuild, operators must continually consider a system that will improve reliability for the end user, while reducing the initial costs and ongoing operating costs. In the past, the CATV industry has designed systems uniformly; whether design began at the head-end or at the node site, the coaxial portion of the system maintained the same look and feel of a tree and branch. This usually meant optimizing the design through trialand-error methods of cascading devices to reach all areas of the system. This conventional approach to design was based on proven design techniques, which were developed prior to the broader range of design products available today. The advent of fiber, combined with innovative new amplifier products and the need to consider future service capabilities (such as Data and Internet access) and optimal costs, is the driving force behind the development of alternative design methods.
var myOb = new { Count = 10, Max = 100, Min = 0 }
As the foundation of the Access Suite, XYZ Corp must select a Presentation Server architecture that would stand up to a site failure and, at the same time, meet all of XYZ s disaster recovery requirements. With an active-active recovery model, Citrix recommends that a single farm be used to span the primary and disaster recovery site. XYZ has a redundant 100 Mbps connection between the two sites, so network connectivity is not an issue. The first question to be answered when planning a multisite farm is this: How many servers does XYZ need to support all of its users Based on server scalability tests, XYZ determines that each of their servers could support 125 users. Using this value, along with the requirement to support 60,000 users at each site, XYZ determines that it needs 480 servers in both Fort Lauderdale and Redmond.
If you want to create customized OSQL scripts for backup, please refer to the following Microsoft article for further details: .aspx scid=241397. NOTE If you are moving the MSDE database to a different server in the farm, you need to perform DSMAINT FAILOVER on all indirect servers to point them to the new database server. This action is similar to To move or restore an Access data store found in the Citrix knowledgebase article CTX677542.
Figure 2.17 A narrower received
Symbol libraries can be stored either internally with your document or externally as exported library files. Internally stored libraries will be available only while your document is open; exported libraries can be accessed while other documents are open. In the Symbol Manager docker browse area, you ll see your current document name listed as well as a Local folder and a Network folder. To make your document s symbols available to other documents or other users on a network, you ll need to export them as a unique library. Once the library is exported, you ll be able to open it and place symbols from it into other documents. Next, you ll make a collection of symbols available as a library to all future documents.
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