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Now putting in R1 = 10 , R2 = 4 , R3 = 1 and V1 = 10 V V2 = , 3 V and V3 = 6 V into (2.29) and (2.30), we obtain the following set of equa, tions 14I1 4I2 = 7 4I1 + 5I2 = 3 We can arrange the coef cients in a matrix and use Cramer s rule to solve for the currents. First we put the coef cients of the terms involving the currents on the left sides of each equation into a determinant D= 14 4 4 = (14)(5) ( 4)( 4) = 70 + 16 = 86 5
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The Powerflash module is used to add X10 capability to sensors (Photo courtesy of
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Wireless Issues
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4.12 Light Sources and Their Development
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Novell NetWare Sun TCP/IP
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Second Solution: There is a little faster, a little easier, and a little less susceptible to error way of doing h s problem. Remember the symmetry that was so helpful in graphing parabolas Not only is there a symrnetry in the graph of the curve between 0 and 2 and 0 and - 2 , but the area under the curve from 0 to 2 is the same as the area under the curve from 0 to - 2 . Therefore, the entire area between this curve and the xaxis is twice the area between x = 0 and x = 2 . Notice how much easier the numbers manipulate in ths solution.
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Battery plates are formed on a wire-like grid of lead alloy (antimony is sometimes used to stiffen the lead); a mud-like lead oxide, sulfuric acid, and water paste is applied to them and allowed to harden. An expander is added to the negative cathode plate that prevents it from contracting in use. The plates are then cooked in a dilute sulfuric acid solution by sending a forming charge through them that changes the positive anode plate to a highly porous, chocolate-brown lead dioxide material, and changes the negative cathode plate to a gray sponge lead. The positive and negative plates are assembled into a sandwich with separators thin sheets of electrically insulating material that is still porous to the electrolyte and held in place inside the battery by
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Display Grid as Lines or Dots
TABLE 4.4B Sample Faculty Table (second part)
for the VLAN to which PC-E belongs. Of course, since PC-E is connected via an access-link connection, SwitchB first strips off the tagging and then forwards the original Ethernet frame to PC-E. This is necessary because PC-E has a standard NIC and doesn t understand VLAN tagging. Through this process, both switches maintained the integrity of the broadcast domain.
1. Rating is based mainly on live loads. Available live load capacity of a bridge can be compared with various levels of truck weights such as: AASHTO de ned HL-93 and legal loads and state de ned permit loads or County de ned reduced truck loads and maximum legal loads. For selecting live load trucks for rating, several lighter truck loads such as H-20 and ML-80 are also considered. A port authority may use special heavy intensity truck loads on its local bridges for high density loading on freight trains. 2. Rehabilitation covers both rating and redesign aspects. In fact, redesign of an existing member is dependent upon the rating. Dead load analysis is common to both design and rating. In both cases basic consideration is the effective use and application of construction materials, namely steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, or timber. Replacement or rehabilitation of bridges is based on detailed analysis and design which includes checking the strengths of members and connections for a variety of primary and secondary effects including extreme events. 3. De ection control is not an essential part of the rating but may be required for rehabilitation and redesign. 4. For important bridges, seismic vulnerability and scour suf ciency may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and bearings, piers, or foundation retro t may be implemented. Service load combinations are for de ection control and crack control. 5. Due to the small probability of occurrence, bridge girders are not rated for wind, temperature, or extreme events, although they are retro tted in detail for seismic forces, accidents, and scour. 6. Only steel girders are rated for fatigue. 7. Timber girders are only rated for strength I and II but not for service load. 8. Ultimate loads and service load combinations will be based on the following: Strength I: Relating to normal use without wind Strength II: Permit vehicles without wind
Local Clouds and Thin Clients
time CurrentTime()
Component information is primarily visual information and resides in the nature of the model part itself, i.e., a wall with material information, or quantitative information, such as area, volume, etc. Components in a 3D model also have specific locations in relation to an origin and to one another. This is the most basic information contained in the 3D model file. This is also the most likely information to translate correctly from one file format to another; e.g., if a Revit model is translated to be used in the Bentley or Vico compatible file format, it is likely that only this type of information will be available in the other software tool s format. This is why interoperability demands such
Measure the mass of solid substances. Measure a volume of water. Separate components of a mixture through filtration.
Some routing protocols understand the concept of an autonomous system, and some do not. An autonomous system (AS) is a group of networks under a single administrative control, which could be your company, a division within your company, or a group of companies. An Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) refers to a routing protocol that handles routing within a single autonomous system. IGPs include RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, and Intermediate System-Intermediate System (IS-IS). An Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) handles routing between different autonomous systems. Today, only one EGP is active: the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is used to route traffic across the Internet backbone between different autonomous systems. Not every routing protocol understands the concept of an AS. An AS can provide distinct boundaries for a routing protocol, and thus provides some advantages. For instance, you can control how far a network number is propagated by routers. Plus, you can control what routes you will advertise to other autonomous systems and what routes you ll accept from these systems.
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