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PDH Networks PDH Networks: Principles of Digital Transmission 151
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Runtime Type ID, Reflection, and Attributes
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To understand the need for and the application of Wait( ) and Pulse( ), we will create a program that simulates the ticking of a clock by displaying the words Tick and Tock on the screen. To accomplish this, we will create a class called TickTock that contains two methods: Tick( ) and Tock( ). The Tick( ) method displays the word Tick and Tock( ) displays Tock . To run the clock, two threads are created, one that calls Tick( ) and one that calls Tock( ). The goal is to make the two threads execute in a way that the output from the
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00:12:25: RIP: sending v1 update to via Ethernet0 00:12:26: network, metric 0 00:12:26: network, metric 1 00:12:32: RIP: ignored v2 packet from (illegal version)
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Enhanced TDMA
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One common operation performed upon an array is to sort it. As you may know, there are a number of different sorting algorithms. There are the Quicksort, the shaker sort, and the shell sort, to name just three. However, the best-known, simplest, and easiestto-understand sorting algorithm is called the bubble sort. While the bubble sort is not very efficient in fact, its performance is unacceptable for sorting large arrays it may be used effectively for sorting small ones. The bubble sort gets its name from the way it performs the sorting operation. It uses the repeated comparison and, if necessary, exchange of adjacent elements in the array. In this process, small values move toward one end and large ones toward the other end. The process is conceptually similar to bubbles finding their own level in a tank of water. The bubble sort operates by making several passes through the array, exchanging out-of-place elements when necessary. The number of passes required to ensure that the array is sorted is equal to one less than the number of elements in the array. The following program sorts an array of integers that contains random values. If you carefully examine the sort, you will find its operation easy to understand.
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7.8.2 Parametric Study
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The preceding examples have created only one child thread. However, your program can spawn as many threads as it needs. For example, the following program creates three child threads:
Centerline control points Click-drag to move entire line
Console.WriteLine(xy.X + "," + xy.Y); } }
Excellent 5 Good 4 Fair 3 Poor 2 Bad 1
Property Bar the next time you want to fill an object. Understand that it takes time and experience to create a seamless pattern (a subject discussed in 27). However, it s very easy to drag the Make Pattern crosshairs around a single shape on the page, and then to use the Offset option to stagger the shape so it repeats in an eye-pleasing pattern. To manually create and edit a two-color pattern, with the Interactive Fill Tool selected, choose Two Color Pattern from the drop-down selector on the Property Bar. Then click the Create Pattern button (the orange button, second from right on the Property Bar) to open the Two-Color Pattern Editor dialog (see Figure 17-8) and edit the pattern by choosing a tile size, a cursor size, and then left-dragging and/or clicking to set the foreground pattern; right-clicks and right-click-drags act like an eraser. Alternatively, you can click Load if you ve created a bitmap image (a two-color one works best, so the Editor doesn t brute-force a tonal image to black or white); the Editor accepts TIF, BMP, and other image file formats.
Edit Color Style
Cloud Computing at Work
The following commands are used to configure the appliance as a DHCP server:
ciscoasa(config)# policy-map L3/4_policy_map_name ciscoasa(config-pmap)# class L3/4_class_map_name ciscoasa(config-pmap-c)# inspect dns [L7_policy_map_name]
1 2 cos2 2x + cos4 2x dx.
Figure 27-30. L2L IPSec Connection Profiles
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