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In the late 1970s a major battle arose in the communications and the computer industries. Convergence of the two industries was happening as a result of the implementation of the local area networks. In the local networking arena, users began to implement solutions to their data connectivity needs within a localized environment. Two major choices were available for their installation of wiring: baseband coaxial cable and broadband coaxial cable. The baseband cable was based on the Ethernet developments using a 20 MHz, 50 coax. Designed as a half-duplex operation, Ethernet allowed the end user to transmit digital data on the cable at speeds of up to 10 Mbps. Clearly, the 10 Mbps was maximum throughput, but was attractive in comparison to the technology of twisted pair at the time (telephone wires were capable of less than 1 Mbps bursty data). Moreover, the use of the baseband technology allowed the data to be digitally applied directly onto the cable system. No analog modulation was necessary to apply the data. It was dc input placed directly onto the cable. The signal propagates to both ends of the cable before another device can transmit. This is shown as a quick review in Figure 14-1 . To control the cable access, the attached devices used Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) as the access control. CSMA/CD allowed for the possibility that two devices may attempt to transmit on the cable at the same time, causing a collision and corruption of the actual data. As a result, the cable had to be very controlled, but in the late 1970s this was not a real issue.
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After you ve made your selections, click the OK button to be returned to the Save Drawing dialog. With all your options for this file spent, go ahead and click the Save button, or the Cancel button to abandon the save.
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13.11.2 SDH Tributary Units (TUs)
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Devices such as PCs and routers run both IPv4 and IPv6, and thus have two sets of addresses. IPv6 packets are tunneled across an IPv4 network by encapsulating them in IPv4 packets. This requires routers configured with dual stacks. Allows IPv6 localities to connect to other IPv6 localities across an IPv4 backbone, such as the Internet, automatically. This method applies a unique IPv6 prefix to each locality without having to retrieve IPv6 addressing information from address registries or ISPs. Uses virtual links to connect IPv6 localities together within a site that is primarily using IPv4. Boundary routers between the two addressing types must be configured with dual stacks. Instead of using routers to tunnel packets, Teredo tunneling has the hosts perform the tunneling. This requires the hosts to be configured with dual stacks. It is commonly used to move packets through an IPv4 address translation device. Has an address translation device translate addresses between an IPv6 and IPv4 network and vice versa.
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Many inverters offer a transfer switch either as standard equipment or as an option. An inverter transfer switch automatically switches boat AC loads to shore power or generator output when available, and back to the inverter output when the external source is removed. This is a great convenience on a boat that goes into and out of slips a great deal. Boats with onboard generators require an additional transfer switch to select between shore power and generator output. Figure 8.6 shows the internal con guration of a transfer switch. Input 1 is connected to AC source 1 (shore power, for example). Input 2 is connected to AC source 2 (internal connection to inverter output). With no AC at the terminals of input 1, power is routed from input 2 (inverter) to the output. When shore power appears at input 1, however, the solenoid pulls the switch up, and power is routed from input 1 to the output. Operation of a shore-power/generator transfer switch can be either manual or similarly automatic. Figure 8.7 shows the operation of an inverter with both an internal transfer switch and automatic battery charging. With shore power on, the shore-power AC is connected to the AC output and the inverter is turned off. Simultaneously, AC power is applied to the inverter s built-in battery charger, which draws its power from the battery. The inverter and battery combination thus operates as an AC battery, supplying AC power when shore power is not available and recharging the batteries when it is. Figure 8.8 shows the operation of a shore-power generator-inverter combination. When shore power is available, the external transfer switch feeds shore power to both inverter and largeload panel. The inverter s transfer switch shunts the shore power through to the small-load panel and simultaneously charges the battery. When shore power is not available, the external transfer switch selects the generator output, which is fed to both the inverter and the large-load panel. The inverter s internal transfer switch shunts generator power to the small-load panel and continues to charge the battery. When neither shore power nor generator power is available, the inverter stops charging the battery and comes on to supply the small-load panel. In this mode there is no power at the large-load panel.
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Myths: Java and JavaScript Are the Same Thing
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Figure 9.5 Higher capacity of mesh network
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The My_string1 regular expression matches on either or . The My_string2 regular expression matches on any string that has at least one character before .jpg in any case (upper-, lower-, or mixed case). For example, this would include a.jpg , B.JPG , and anyfile.JpG , but not .jpg . Testing Regular Expressions If you are unsure how to create a regular expression, Cisco supports a test command that you can use to test a string of input against a regular expression:
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a saturated solution of sodium chloride. (See Part A, step 1.)
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1. In a new document, click the Import button on the Property Bar, and then choose
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Up to this point, there has been no occasion to advance output to the next line that is, to execute a carriage return-linefeed sequence. However, the need for this will arise very soon. In C++, the carriage return-linefeed sequence is generated using the newline character. To put a newline character into a string, use this code: \n (a backslash followed by a lowercase n). To see an example of a carriage return-linefeed sequence, try the following program:
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The format of a TDMA frame is shown in Figure 21-4 . Also shown in this figure is the organization of the data bursts. The normal burst carries data and signaling information. This burst lasts for 156.25 bit times, consisting of two separate 57-bit data patterns, a 26bit training sequence for equalization, a robbed bit for forward synchronization in each block of data, 3 trailer bits at each end and 8.25 bit times guard band. The 156.25 bits are transmitted in the allotted 0.577 ms yielding a data rate of 270.833 Kbps.
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