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If you are also doing consolidation as part of your migration, be sure to identify possible user/group overlap between previously separate Crystal and BusinessObjects environments. Identify which user IDs and group names may have existed in multiple systems. For example, in Figure 5-2, the Finance group exists in both Crystal Enterprise and in BusinessObjects 5. Importing duplicate groups and users requires additional review of the merged rights.
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New Data Collector Election
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Exponential fhctions are in the form y = a x . Taking U = 2 the fhction reads y = 2 X This is a rapidly increasing function as tabulated and shown in Fig. 9-1.
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Calculus is a powerful tool, for much of the physical world that we wish to analyze is best understood in terms of rates of change. It becomes even more powerful when we can find some simple rules that enable us to calculate derivatives quickly and easily. This section is devoted to that topic. I. Derivative of a Sum [The Sum Rule]: We calculate the derivative of a sum (or difference) by f (x) g (x) = f (x) g (x). In our many examples, we have used this fact implicitly. We are now just enunciating it formally. II. Derivative of a Product [The Product Rule]: We calculate the derivative of a product by [ f (x) g (x)] = f (x) g (x) + f (x) g (x). We urge the reader to test this formula on functions that we have worked with before. It has a surprising form. Note in particular that it is not the case that [ f (x) g (x)] = f (x) g (x). c#
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the selection. You specify the sensitivity of the tool and the distance from your cursor used to detect the edge.
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Nowadays, it s imperative that you have a demo or portfolio when you go to a job interview for a creative position. Experienced developers have published games they can refer to, but as a newcomer, you need to take something along to show you ve got what it takes. I ll discuss portfolios in more detail in 7, but for the time being what matters is that you create material, both to practice your skills and to show off to others. You can do this any time and at any age. If you re lucky, you can do it in conjunction with courses you re taking, so the work earns you credit and has a longer-term value as well. Write, compose, program, model, paint, animate, record whatever you enjoy. Never throw anything away; you never know when it might turn out to be useful later. If you re developing with a group of friends you can even get some experience with project management by planning who s going to do what and figuring out where the dependencies are among the various chores. There s a staggering amount of material available to help garage developers or bedroom coders, as they re sometimes called. The best web site for this kind of thing is GameDev (, which has over a thousand articles on game development and a special page just for beginners. You should also check out the Yahoo! directory s page under Recreation > Games > Computer Games > Programming for an extensive list of web sites with resources. Best of all, it doesn t have to cost you a lot of money. If you ve got a computer, you can make a video game. Thanks to the open source movement, and the fact that programmers love to share their work, you can find all the tools you need available for download on the Web, either completely free or as inexpensive shareware. They won t have all the power and flexibility of professional tools, of course; they may occasionally be buggy and not very well supported. But your goal is to make a demo that ll get you a job, and you can certainly do that with the resources available. Appendix C contains a list of free tools you can use for game development.
Self-Dialogue Activates Inner Wisdom
file as it existed earlier.
The green grounding conductor of Figure 7.8 goes a long way toward providing safety from electrocution,
To get a general idea of what you ll be paid in your chosen field, read Game Developer magazine s annual salary survey. You can download the most recent edition at
Initially, configure the delay time to be 5000 (5 seconds). Increase or decrease this value to avoid the error message and minimize the delay. Adding or modifying this registry value does not require a reboot.
The C# Language
Equipment costs amortized $ 30.00 (PC, modem, telephone, etc.) monthly Cellular phone basic plan Total monthly fees
To verify your configuration and operation of AUS, use the show auto-update command. Here s an example:
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