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Figure 9-4
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The TCP/IP transport layer is responsible for providing a logical connection between two hosts and can provide these functions:
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1st Commission Rate x% of Sales Production
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primary(config)# failover group 1 primary(config-fover-group)# primary primary(config-fover-group)# exit primary(config)# failover group 2 primary(config-fover-group)# secondary primary(config-fover-group)# exit
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To see the VC resolution table, which maps layer 3 addresses to local DLCI numbers, use the show frame-relay map command:
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As N gets large, link creation and maintenance becomes difficult. For example, a 5-node network requires 10 links, while a 100-node network would require 4950 links!
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We conclude this introductory chapter with a look at power. The SI unit used for power is the watt, where 1 W = 1 J/s (1.16)
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Five grams of a certain radioactive isotope decay to three grams in 100 years. After how many more years will there be just one gram
Figure 12.2 Use of Gabion baskets.
The function of an STP is to transfer messages from one SPC to another. Basically, it works as depicted in Figure 7-5. Let us assume that Switch A, with SPC value 1, wants to send a message known as a message signal unit (MSU), to Switch B, which has an SPC value of 2. Let s also assume that no signaling link exists between them, but that they are both connected to an STP with SPC value 3. In that case, the routing tables at Switch A could be set up to send the MSU to the STP. The MSU contains the destination signaling address of Switch B, SPC value 2. When the message is received at the STP, the STP first checks to see if the message is destined for itself by checking the destination address. Given that the message is not, the STP
standard and extended. Standard ACLs allow you to filter only the source IP address, whereas extended IP ACLs allow you to filter on source and destination addresses, TCP/IP protocols, and protocol information.
Although not a technical security measure per se, filtering and management of Internet content (more specifically, filtering of user access to web content) and electronic mail content filtering and management are used to address two of the biggest liability and reputation issues in business today. Uncontrolled employee access to inappropriate (as determined by the corporate acceptable use policy) Internet sites not only can damage the corporate image and risk civil and legal prosecution, but can be a precursor to internal attacks on network security and resources. Case in point: an employee who surfs hacker websites may be looking for tools to use, or they may be technologically illiterate and download malicious logic that compromises the network. With regard to electronic mail, businesses may be concerned about unacceptable mail content originated or received under the corporate identity, spam that consumes storage resources, or originated content that divulges sensitive information. E-mail filtering is usually accomplished both on a bastion host in an Internet DMZ (ingress filtering of objectionable content and spam) and on the corporate mail server itself to control employee-to-employee and employee-to-external content. An additional filtering capability can be provided by a network WAN management device such as the Citrix WANScaler or Packeteer PacketShaper. Because these devices recognize applications such as chat and instant messaging programs and protocols (MS-Chat, AIM, MSN Messenger), peer-to-peer sharing applications (Napster, Gnutella, BearShare, LimeWire), and commonly abused Internet bandwidth hogs (Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Media), these applications can be assigned a policy of zero bits per second or never admit to block access by application. Chat programs are of
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