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Figure 19-24. Remote user connectivity redundancy in XYZ design
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b = 10; b = (byte) (b * b); // cast needed!!
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// A C# program begins with a call to Main(). static void Main() {
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ElementXProduct Pattern-matching characters
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Third-party Software for Desktop Lockdown
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Additional Port Roles
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4 / 2 is 2 Some exception 16 / 4 is 4 32 / 4 is 8 Some exception 128 / 8 is 16 Some exception Some exception occurred.
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Support Circuit Design
F o r m u l a s a n d Va r i a b l e s
// Use commas in a for statement. using System; class Comma { static void Main() { int i, j;
The STL is a complex piece of software engineering that uses some of C++ s most sophisticated features. To understand and use the STL, you must be comfortable with all of the material in the preceding chapters. Specifically, you must feel at home with templates. Frankly, the template syntax that describes the STL can seem quite intimidating although it looks more complicated than it actually is. While there is nothing in this chapter that is any more difficult than the material in the rest of this book, don t be surprised or dismayed if you find the STL confusing at first. Just be patient, study the examples, and don t let the unfamiliar syntax override the STL s basic simplicity. The STL is a large library and not all of its features can be described in this chapter. In fact, a full description of the STL and all of its features, nuances, and programming techniques fill an entire book. The overview presented here is intended to familiarize you with its basic operation, design philosophy, and programming fundamentals. After working through this chapter, you will be able to easily explore the remainder of the STL on your own. This chapter also describes another important C++ class: string. The string class defines a string data type which allows you to work with character strings much like you do with other data types: using operators. The string class is closely related to the STL.
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Figure 6-15
Section and Regenerator Section overhead bytes. The bytes of the RS/Section
General Implementation Design
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