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Hillary Clinton
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Displacement program Angle of rotation y 36 144 90 90 Translating follower s(y) 0 +50 mm 0 -50 mm
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The BD specifications, for the most part, do not require any minimum performance for the players and the minimum hardware is described as a 300 Mhz RISC based processor. This level of processor has a speed rating of about 2 Megaflops (two million floating point operations per second). But, Sony introduced the PS3, which plays Blu-ray discs in addition to playing games, and gave it a processor that has an overall speed rating of 2.18 Teraflops3. This difference, in the extreme case, means that the PS3 is 6,000 times faster than the minimum player hardware requirement. Put another way, the PS3 can perform a set of operations in one second that would take a minimum hardware system 6,000 seconds (100 minutes). Floating point operations is only one metric, and probably not the best metric, for an overall comparison of performance. Other performance metrics could include integer operations, class-loading time, image decoding, drawing, font rendering, and so on. In actual cases, the true disparity is less than this, and a PS3 user may see a popup menu of 24 frame animation look very smooth and take one second, while on a minimum hardware compliant player the animation may take more than 7 to 8 seconds. The result, however, is that the animation just doesn't have the same cool look. Also, on a PS3 it might take 7 to 10 seconds to get to the opening credits of a movie, but it might take up to 3 to 5 minutes on some of the settop players. The manufacturers that use the minimum required specifications as their target have been overwhelmingly outclassed by the PS3. The PS3 has, as of 2008, as much as 75% of the market of Blu-ray players. Over time, the performance gap may be closed but, for the early adopters, the PS3 was the way to go.
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After a subject has been authenticated, the next step is authorization. This is the process by which the system determines whether the subject should be permitted to access the requested resource. To determine if the subject is permitted to access the resource, the system will perform some type of a lookup or other business rule. For instance, an access control table associated with the requested resource may have a list of users who are permitted to access it. The system will read through this table to see whether the subject s identity appears in the table. If so (and if the type of requested access matches the type permitted in the table), the system will permit the subject to access the resource. If the user s identity does not appear in the table, the subject will be denied access. The preceding example is simplistic, but is often the means used to determine if a user is authorized to access something. Typically, permissions are centrally stored by the operating system and administered by system administrators, although some
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TABLE 26-2
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- - _ - ds - 250ft(2ft/s) = 2.3 ft/s dx -dt
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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Cycloidal Factors
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Create and Apply a New Group Policy to the Terminal Servers OU
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High-Strength Plastics
where R is the radius of the tube, (the greek letter, eta) is the viscosity of the fluid, L is the length of the tube from point 1 to point 2, and P1 2 P2 is the drop in pressure in going from point 1 to point 2. The interesting thing to note about Poiseuille s law is the dependence on the fourth power of the radius. This means, for example, that doubling the radius will increase the volumetric flow rate 16 times. It also means that for a given (constant) flow rate and viscosity (as we typically have in the case of blood in arteries), a small increase in radius will
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Instance Methods vs. Static Methods as Event Handlers
Cable (23 Dec 1997) j A/90: ATSC Data Broadcast Standard with Amendment 1 and Corrigenda 1 and 2 (26 July 2000)
Figure 14-7
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