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Were the load purely resistive, voltage and current would be in phase, watts would equal volts times amps, and the power factor would be 1.0. Since the load has an inductive component, however, voltage and current are never simultaneously at their maximum values, so the true power (instantaneous product of voltage and current) is less than the maximum voltage times the maximum current, and the power factor is less than 1.0. As shown in Figure 7.6, PF equals cos , the cosine of the phase angle between voltage and current. For purely resistive loads such as incandescent lamps, = 0 , so PF = 1.0. In the example shown, current lags behind voltage by 60 ( = 60 ), so PF = cos 60 = 0.5. The de nition of PF can also be written as Amps = Watts/(Volts PF) The above equation indicates the problem with small PF. For the same wattage of useful power, halving PF doubles amps. Greater amps means larger supply conductors, greater voltage drops, greater resistive heating, and decreased ef ciency. The power factor of an electric motor can be very small when the rotor is stalled. As a result, locked-rotor and start-up currents can be three to ve times normal running current, a factor which must be considered when protecting motor circuits.
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It is necessary to understand these two issues because each one presents different scenarios for products and cost.
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If a switch has two or more choices of paths to reach the root, it needs to choose one path and thus have one root port. A switch will go through the following STP steps when choosing a root port: 1. Choose the path with the lowest accumulated path cost to the root when it has a choice between two or more paths to reach the root.
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Rated Power Density 3.1Ahr/Kg 3.6Ahr/Kg 2.9Ahr/Kg 3.0Ahr/Kg
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This program displays the following output:
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Application development
TABLE 1.3 Comparing LANs to MANs/WANs Local Area Network (LAN) Geographic coverage Metro/Wide Area Network (MAN/WAN)
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ciscoasa(config)# show url-server stats Global Statistics: -----------------URLs total/allowed/denied 993487/156548/837839 URLs allowed by cache/server 70843/85165 URLs denied by cache/server 801920/36819 HTTPSs total/allowed/denied 994387/156548/837839 HTTPs allowed by cache/server 70843/81565 HTTPs denied by cache/server 801920/36819 FTPs total/allowed/denied 994387/155648/838739 FTPs allowed by cache/server 70483/85165 FTPs denied by cache/server 801920/36819 Requests dropped 28715 Server timeouts/retries 567/1350 Processed rate average 60s/300s 1524/1344 requests/second Denied rate average 60s/300s 35648/33022 requests/second Dropped rate average 60s/300s 156/189 requests/second URL Server Statistics: --------------------- UP Vendor websense Port 17035 Requests total/allowed/denied 365412/254595/110547 Server timeouts/retries 567/1350 Responses received 365952 Response time average 60s/300s 2/1 seconds/request DOWN Vendor websense Port 17035
Other host: Group 1
If you are using the Visual C++ IDE, simply add all three files to your C# project. One other point: It is perfectly valid to put all three of these classes in the same file, too. The output from this program is shown here:
Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Transparency for Distributed Database Processing 17.5.1 17.5.2 17.5.3 17.5.4 17.5.5 Motivating Example Fragmentation Location Transparency Transparency in Oracle Databases 628
Figure 9.13 shows a second mistake. This time the white and green wires are properly separated on the boat, but, intending to prevent stray-current corrosion of the boat s underwater hardware, the misguided owner has cut the green wire to the boat s ground (engine and metallic underwater hardware). If a short develops in a piece of electrical equipment, the green
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