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3. Precise alignment of optics is necessary to couple light from one medium to another. Figure 4.13 illustrates the relationship between a laser mounted in a housing, a collimating lens, a focusing lens, and an output fiber. As illustrated in this figure, the entire apparatus can be considered representative of one type of fiber coupler. Actually there are several types of couplers , developed by different manufacturers, and the selection of a particular coupler depends on several factors. These factors include the diameter of the laser diode housing, the connector method, the coupling efficiency , and the diameter of the fiber to be coupled. Concerning the connector method, various products on the market when this book was written included support for screw locking, pigtail coupling, and threading. Concerning coupler efficiency this is normally closely coupled to the laser , diode or fiber and converts it into a beam of parallel light. Although a laser s light is less diverse than that of an LED a collimator is required for , both light sources. If we focus on the collimator lens, we can begin to understand how the collimating process operates, so let s do so.
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Business Writing for Results
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The C# Language
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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More often than not, additions or changes to infrastructure involve the procurement of infrastructure hardware and/or software. Request for Proposal (RFP) Any significant expansion or upgrade to infrastructure may require the use of an RFP (request for proposal). This is a formal process whereby the organization gathers all business and technical requirements and forwards them to several qualified vendors, who produce formal written proposals that include detailed information on the equipment and services required to perform the upgrade. Some organizations require the RFP process be used for any purchases that exceed an arbitrarily set figure. When the project team receives RFP responses, the responses must be evaluated to determine which vendors are capable of meeting the organization s business and technical needs. The project team may also need to evaluate one or more of the vendors solutions to see for themselves whether each vendor s proposed solution will successfully meet the organization s needs. Evaluation If the project team will be evaluating potential solutions, the team will need to provide whatever facilities are required to house the equipment or software. The project team will also need to take whatever time is required to test the components to see whether they can support business needs. This may require the team to provide other equipment to set up an end-to-end test.
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2-Hour Postprandial Glucose <120 mg/dL >120 mg/dL
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be searched grows. More and more records have to be searched, requiring more time and resources. Consequently, as more and more records are searched, the number of possible matches grows. ( 17 explains this challenge in greater detail.) Given that identification is more difficult, identification programs are still relatively difficult and costly for population sizes that reach millions or more people. Identification matches return an ordered list of candidate matches (such as a list of possible criminals that might match a face in a shopping mall). This concept is also sometimes referred to as negative matching or negative identification (since generally the system discards those that do not match a predetermined list, like a criminal list). These systems tend to be more expensive as a result of the hardware and software needs. Some of the key measurements in accuracy include the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and the False Rejection Rate (FRR) see Figure 2-3 for the formulas. The FAR, also known as a False Match Rate or Type II error, describes the number of times someone is inaccurately positively matched. The FRR, also known as a False Non-Match Rate or Type I error, derives the number of times someone who should be identified positively is instead rejected. The combination of the FAR and FRR can help determine which biometric device is more useful in a particular scenario. Generally, the crossover rate, or the equal error rate, is the intersection of the rate of these two events (see Figure 2-4). The lower the crossover rate, the better the rating of the biometric system. Usually in the course of matching (between a presented sample and a stored template), a score is developed. Based on a set of parameters, the score is determined and if it reaches past a predetermined threshold, then the match is confirmed. Matches can be done as a binary option or in multiple sequences. In the binary option the score reaches the predetermined threshold or it does not. In the multiple sequence scenario, a match score below the threshold triggers another biometric query (perhaps from a different device or perhaps the same device, which averages the score over several tries).
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You ve probably noticed that most of these changes have been brought about by new hardware of one kind or another: first the microprocessor, then the CD-ROM, the graphics accelerator, and the Internet. The game industry has had purely creative advances as well, but they haven t been so dramatic. There are two reasons why hardware makes such an impact. First, the computer is such a new entertainment medium that any change to it has a big effect on the kinds of things we can do. By comparison, the movies have had 80 years to settle into a fairly stable format: 35mm film. While filmmaking still undergoes advances, they don t dramatically redefine the way movies look every single year. The game industry is still where the movies were when they first moved from the nickelodeon to the screen. We re inventing new techniques all the time, and it s reflected in the games we play. Second, games are primarily about interactivity, and computing hardware is what makes interactivity possible. Since the power of the hardware is growing at a rapid rate, it makes sense that interactivity itself is changing rapidly as well. The CD-ROM gave us mass storage; the graphics accelerator gave us spectacular sights; the Internet allowed us to play together conveniently. Who knows what the next big advance will be As I said at the beginning of this chapter, the history of the game business explains why it works the way it does why PC game programmers tend to share information and console programmers don t, why not just anybody can make a console game, and why full-motion video, once seen as the most desirable feature of video gaming, is now out of fashion. Now that you re familiar with its background, we can move on to the next part of the story: the game industry today.
7.3 Headend and Hub Testing
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There are 3 command-line arguments. They are: one two three
DimProductCategory ON DimProductSubcategory.ProductCategoryKey = DimProductCategory.ProductCategoryKey INNER JOIN DimGeography ON DimCustomer.GeographyKey = DimGeography.GeographyKey WHERE (DimProductCategory.EnglishProductCategoryName IN (@ProductCategory)) AND (DimTime.CalendarYear IN (@Year)) AND (DimGeography.EnglishCountryRegionName = @Country)
Up to this point, we have been using simple class hierarchies consisting of only a base class and a derived class. However, you can build hierarchies that contain as many layers of inheritance as you like. As mentioned, it is perfectly acceptable to use a derived class as a base class of another. For example, given three classes called A, B, and C, C can be derived from B, which can be derived from A. When this type of situation occurs, each derived class inherits all of the traits found in all of its base classes. In this case, C inherits all aspects of B and A.
Introduction to SDM
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With the preceding two object errors, had you clicked Parse during the object modification, you also would have received an error. Hence a very important lesson: unless you like solving many problems at once, check the universe integrity as you make modifications. Designer allows you to set options that will force you to adhere to this practice. These options are global for all universes you develop from this particular workstation. From the pull-down menu, select Tools | Options and the General tab.
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