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Photograph Scenic Vistas
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8.1 Volumes by Slicing 8.1.0 Introduction 8.1.1 The Basic Strategy 8.1.2 Examples Volumes of Solids of Revolution 8.2.0 Introduction 8.2.1 The Method of Washers 8.2.2 The Method of Cylindrical Shells 8.2.3 Different Axes Work Averages Arc Length and Surface Area 8.5.1 Arc Length 8.5.2 Surface Area Hydrostatic Pressure Numerical Methods of Integration 8.7.1 The Trapezoid Rule 8.7.2 Simpson s Rule
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(which it won t for all of the examples in this chapter). If Occupants were zero, then a divisionby-zero error would occur. In 13, you will learn about exceptions, which are C# s approach to handling errors, and see how to watch for errors that can occur at runtime.
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During the learning process, layer 2 devices add the source MAC address of
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Many network administrators use VLANs not only to separate different types of user traffic (commonly separated by job function), but also to separate it based on the type of traffic, placing network management, multicast, and voice over IP (VoIP) traffic into their own distinctive VLANs. Network management traffic includes Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP); Remote Monitoring (RMON); Spanning Tree Protocol (STP); Bridge Protocol Data Units (BPDUs), discussed in 14; Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) messages, discussed in 17; syslog messages; Network Time Protocol (NTP) updates; configuration backups of network devices, discussed in 17; and network device operating system upgrades, discussed in 17. Multicast traffic is commonly used by video applications to transmit video streams intelligently from a server to one or more clients interested in seeing it, where UDP is used as a transport for the video stream. An example of a video solution that uses multicasts is Cisco s IP/TV server. Video traffic is delay sensitive too much delay can be noticeable by the end user, where the actual video picture looks jumpy and jagged. By separating this traffic from other types through VLANs, and by setting up the necessary quality of service (QoS) for this VLAN traffic, you can help minimize or prevent delay issues.
electric and magnetic elds. In the SI system, which we will use exclusively in this book, the unit of charge is the coulomb. The symbol for a coulomb is C. An electron carries an electric charge given by charge of single electron = 1.6 10 19 C (1.1)
route is considered bad (the neighbor with a metric of 1), and the backup default route for the outside2 interface will be used.
Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
Here, the operator that you are overloading, such as + or /, is substituted for op. The ret-type specifies the type of value returned by the specified operation. Although it can be any type you choose, the return value is often of the same type as the class for which the operator is being overloaded. This correlation facilitates the use of the overloaded operator in expressions. For unary operators, the operand is passed in operand. For binary operators, the operands are passed in operand1 and operand2. Notice that operator methods must be both public and static. For unary operators, the operand must be of the same type as the class for which the operator is being defined. For binary operators, at least one of the operands must be of the same type as its class. Thus, you cannot overload any C# operators for objects that you have not created. For example, you can t redefine + for int or string. One other point: Operator parameters must not use the ref or out modifier.
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