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Anti-dust systems are found on some digital SLRs. These safeguard against dust buildup on the camera sensor, which often occurs when changing lenses. Anti-dust systems consist of a coating on the sensor that repels dust. The sensor is gently shaken when the camera is shut off to dislodge any dust that may have accumulated on the sensor. Auto-exposure bracketing (AEB) enables you to take three pictures of a scene: one with the camera s recommended setting, one with a higher exposure, and one with a lower exposure. This option ensures you ll get the same shot in difficult lighting conditions. Exposure control enables you to capture images in aperture priority mode or shutter priority mode, depending on the type of scene you are capturing. Many cameras also give you the option of setting the exposure manually. When you shoot in aperture priority mode, you can control how much light is let into the camera, which also determines how much of the scene is in focus (known as depth of field). When you shoot in shutter priority mode, the camera exposes the image based on the shutter speed you specify. A high shutter speed enables you to freeze action. If your camera has a manual mode, you set both shutter speed and aperture to arrive at the desired exposure. Image stabilization compensates for any operator movement while the camera is recording the image. This helps you get a sharper image when you re using maximum zoom and when shooting at slow shutter speeds. This option is especially useful on cameras with an optical zoom of 5X or greater. Image stabilization will compensate for operator movement, but not for movement of the subject. However, slight subject movement, such as the wave of a hand, which will show up as a soft blur, can add charm to a photo. As of this writing, Sony s Alpha (DSLR A100) and Pentax s K10D and K100D are the only digital SLRs with built-in camera image stabilization. Other digital SLR manufacturers offer lenses that have built-in image stabilization. Movie mode enables you to create movies with your digital camera. While a digital camera with movie mode is not a substitute for a digital video camera, this feature will enable you to create movies that can be viewed with the associated software on a computer monitor or from a Web site. Most digital cameras offer a movie mode that lets you create a movie at 15 fps (frames per second), while some high-end cameras offer 30 or 60 fps. The length of the movie you can capture depends on the camera firmware, which is software built into the camera that determines how much of the camera buffer is used to store images and movies being processed by it. If your camera s movie mode offers uninterrupted video, the length of the movie is determined
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Fry, M., Designing Computing Mechanisms, Part III, Cam Mechanisms, Mach. Des. 17: 123, October 1945. Grodzinski, P., A Practical Theory of Mechanisms, Emmott & Co., Manchester, England, 1947. Hannula, F.W., Designing Non-Circular Surfaces, Mach. Des. 23: 141, July 1951. Jacobs, R.J., Indexing with Concave Barrel Cams, Mach. Des. 25: 197, December 1953. Jones, F.P., Ingenious Mechanisms for Designers and Inventors, Industrial Press, New York, Vol. 1, 1930; Vol. 2, 1936; Vol. 3, 1951; Vol. 4, 1967. Lichtwitz, O., Mechanisms for Intermittent Motion, Machine Design 23: 134, December 1951; 24: 127, January 1952; 24: 146, February 1952; 24: 147, March 1952. Lockenvitz, E., Oliphant, J.B., Wilde, W.C., and Yong, J.M. Geared to Compute, Customation 2: 37, August 1935. Neklutin, C.N., Designing Cams for Controlled Inertia and Vibration, Mach. Des. 25: 255, April 1953. Peyrbrune, H.E., Application and Design of Non-Circular Gears, Mach. Des. 25: 185, December 1953. Richards, W., The Harmonic Motion Cam of Equilateral Triangular Form, Mach. London 57: 231, November 28, 1940. Richards, W., The Triangular Harmonic Motion Cam with Square-Frame Follower, Mach. London 57: 303, January 9, 1941. Shaw, F.W., Equations for the Design of Involute Cams, Prod. Eng. 4: 131, April 1933. Shaw, F.W., Dwell Cams of Uniform Diameter, Mech. World 98: 329, October 4, 1935. Svoboda, A., Computing Mechanisms and Linkages, rst edition, McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York, 1948. Yavne, R.D., High Accuracy Contour Cams, Prod. Eng. 19: 134, August 1948.
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Figure 6-2 Subscriber cable drop
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// Introduce string. using System; class StringDemo { static void Main() { char[] charray = {'A', ' ', 's', 't', 'r', 'i', 'n', 'g', '.' }; string str1 = new string(charray); string str2 = "Another string."; Console.WriteLine(str1); Console.WriteLine(str2); } }
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Figure 28-6.
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2. No longer able to place calls after service upgrade 3. No longer able to place calls after change to standard
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These metrics provide a fine-grained view of performance differences on a per-user basis for each attempt type. Statistical evidence exists that users exhibit individual performance differences in match rates and nonmatch rates. A reasonably calibrated system could perform well against most of the population, but a few select users might experience a disproportionate number of false rejects (the goats). Some users are more prone than others to be impersonated (sheep). Others have a higher propensity to impersonate others (wolves). If data is collected on individual performance differences, in theory, the system decision threshold can be adjusted on a per-user basis to compensate for these differences.
Digital Photography QuickSteps PC
The difference between two sets is a set that contains those elements in the first set that are not part of the second set. We will use the operator to perform a set difference. For example, given two sets S1 and S2, this statement removes the elements of S2 from S1, putting the result in S3: S3 = S1 S2 If S1 and S2 are the same, then S3 will be the null set. Of course, there are several other operations that can be performed on sets. Some are developed in the Self Test section. Others you might find fun to try adding on your own. For the sake of simplicity, the Set class stores sets of characters, but the same basic principles could be used to create a Set class capable of storing other types of elements.
Most DS3 BER tests are performed using one of three types of patterns:
Understanding Light
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The saw bot was first used in The Master (Robot Wars, 1994). Examples of saw bots include Ankle Biter and Village Idiot. Saw bots feature an abrasive or toothed disk that is spun by a powerful motor, which is intended to cut or rip the opponent on contact.
confirmed. The current status reflects the existing state of affairs for a given resource reservation (which might be that no reservation has yet taken place). The desired status reflects a minimum threshold that must be achieved for a call to proceed. The confirm status indicates that the minimum threshold has been reached.
(5.43) (5.44)
Display Property Bar
Figure 10-3
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