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The ATM Forum has defined interfaces for private ATM networks. Except for the IBM UTP interface, the following are defined in the Forum s UNI version 3.1/4.0:
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/* Create a specifiable range array class. The RangeArray class allows indexing to begin at some value other than 0. When you create a RangeArray, you specify the beginning and ending index. Negative indexes are also allowed. For example, you can create arrays that index from -5 to 5, 1 to 10, or 50 to 56. */ using System; class RangeArray { // Private data. int[] a; // reference to underlying array
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Table 8.1 Action required for the inventory of superstructure members. Superstructure Component Deck Scupper/downspout Bearing seat Structural steel Deck joints Compression seal deck joints Modular dam deck joint Steel dam deck joints Expansion dams Parapet mounted railing Deck mounted railing Pedestrian railing Median barrier Bearings Bearing pedestal/seats Approach slab Bituminous wearing surface Timber deck Steel open grid deck Concrete deck Concrete sidewalk Concrete curb Parapet Scupper grate Drain scupper Timber stringer Other timber members Steel truss (FCM) Steel girders Steel oor beams Steel diaphragm/bracing Prestressed concrete beam Reinforced concrete beam Reinforced concrete diaphragm Other reinforced concrete members Superstructure members Superstructure members Temporary bridge Activity Clean/ ush Clean/ ush Clean/ ush Clean/ ush Reseal/repair Repair/rehabilitate Repair/rehabilitate Repair/rehabilitate Repair/rehabilitate Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Lubricate/rehabilitate/retro t Reconstruct Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Install Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Repair/replace Spot painting Apply protective coating Modular/construct
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25: WAN Introduction
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LMI is local to the DTE and DCE and is not transmitted across the network.There are three LMI types: the
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Generics fundamentals The base class constraint The interface constraint The constructor constraint The reference type constraint The value type constraint The default operator Generic structures Generic methods Generic delegates Generic interfaces
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and managers to confirm that the auditor has a clear understanding. It is also used within an audit to justify the controls testing being performed. Some examples of formats an auditor may use include: Written text and lists Flowcharts Network diagrams Spreadsheets Data structure and data flow diagrams Screenshots Text files of command output The task of documentation faces several challenges. When dealing with information systems, an auditor is often attempting to abstract complex concepts in an organized manner to the correct audience. It is common to rely on multiple visual tools to fully communicate processes and the systems that support them (see Figure A-4). When developing documentation, it is useful to share documentation with control owners and managers. Control owners are often helpful when their area of expertise is being represented in new ways. It is also important for the success of testing that the
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IGDA Curriculum Framework
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Connector type Biconic Description Uses a tapered sleeve fixed to the fiber-optic cable; when the plug is inserted into a biconic receptacle, a tapered end provides a mechanism for locating the fiber-optic cable in an appropriate position (although one of the earliest connector types used with fiber optics, this cable is little used today) Originally designed by Nippon Electric Corporation, the D4 is similar to the FC connector; it uses threaded coupling and a 2.0-mm-diameter ferrule The FC connector uses a position locatable notch and a threaded receptacle to provide extremely precise positioning for single-mode fiber-optic cable Uses a spring-loaded full-ceramic ferrule A Lucent developed small form connector that fits into a standard RJ-11 jack; LC supports both single- and multimode fiber Employs a push-pull coupling method with a locking tab; the SC connector is used mostly with single-mode fiber-optic cable Uses a threaded cap and housing; considered the predecessor of the ST connector (the SMA connector has been rapidly replaced by the use of ST and SC connectors) Uses a keyed bayonet coupler similar to a BNC connector (the ST connector is in widespread use and can support both single-mode and multimode fiber); there are two versions, referred to as ST and ST-II these are keyed and spring-loaded, push-in and twist-type connectors
To ensure availability of the Password Manager service, XYZ is using load-balanced servers at each of the sites. The fully qualified domain names of the load balancers set up at Fort Lauderdale and Redmond are MPMSFTL.XYZ.COM and MPMSRED.XYZ.COM, respectively. The Password Manager agent on each user s device is configured to point to the closest Password Manager server. This is provided during the Password Manager agent installation. Because XYZ has configured multiple Password Manager servers, it is important that all servers have the same public and private keys, as well as the same key recovery secret. XYZ accomplishes this by installing a single server, configuring it correctly, documenting the settings, and testing the server. After successfully testing the service, XYZ follows the backup procedure documented in the Password Manager component redundancy section to export the signing keys and key recovery secret. Additional Password Manager servers are then installed and configured with the same settings as the first one. Per Citrix s documentation, the key restoration process is then used on the new servers, allowing the servers to encrypt and unencrypt the service data. If one of the sites fails, the administrator has to reconfigure the FQDN for the failed server to the service running in the other site. For example, if the Password Manager servers are destroyed in Fort Lauderdale, the administrator needs to reconfigure MPMSFTL .XYZ.COM to point to the IP address of the Password Manager server in Redmond. As with other types of DNS changes, the administrator has to wait for the DNS cache on the client devices to time-out. When the cache times out, the Password Manager agents automatically connect to the service running at the other site. NOTE Attention must be paid to the DNS time-to-live values. Even though the IP address for the DNS name is changed on the server side, the locally cached client values must first expire before the client can use the new address. IMPORTANT If XYZ is using the global server load-balancing options provided by the Citrix NetScaler Application Switch, the fully qualified domain names on the DNS servers do not need to be reconfigured.
Amazon SimpleDB
Notes Input tables must be union compatible. Input tables must be union compatible. Input tables must be union compatible. Conceptually underlies join operator. Uses a logical expression. Eliminates duplicate rows if necessary. Only matched rows are in the result. Natural join eliminates one join column. Retains both matched and unmatched rows in the result. Uses null values for some columns of the unmatched rows. Stronger operator than join, but less frequently used. Specify grouping column(s) if any and aggregate function(s).
Let s use this in our expression for v o . Remember we found that v o = 100 5I1 6Io . Hence we nd that v o = 100 20 4Io 6Io = 80 10Io Comparison with (3.4) allows us to read off the Thevenin equivalent resistance and voltage, where we nd that RTH = 10 VTH = 80 V EXAMPLE 3-8 Find the Thevenin equivalent circuit to the network shown in Fig. 3-34 as seen at the sinusoidal voltage source. Then calculate the current in the voltage source.
// Use a unary function object. #include <iostream> #include <list> #include <functional> #include <algorithm> using namespace std;
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