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18: Private-Sector Programs
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In (b), notice that the charge is expressed in terms of microcoulombs. A microcoulomb is 10 6 C, and the current will be expressed in microamps. Using the product rule for derivatives which states ( f g) = f g + g f We nd that the current is i(t) = dq d = (e 2t sin t) dt dt d d = (e 2t ) sin t + e 2t (sin t) dt dt = 2e 2t sin t + e 2t cos t = e 2t ( 2 sin t + cos t) A Finally, in (c), the charge is given in coulombs, and therefore, the current will be given in amps. We have i(t) = d dq = (4e t + 3e5t ) = 4e t + 15e5t A dt dt
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Click-drag around the text you want to send to What The Font ! as a bitmap copy.
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Installation test sets differ according to the complexity and maturity of the network technology being installed. For more mature technologies, test sets are more likely to be multifunction, covering more than one network technology. For newer or more complex technologies, the test sets are more likely to be close derivatives of those used in the development of the technology itself. In either case, the test capability must be enough to give confidence that the installation has been done correctly with properly functioning components, and that the installed facilities will support the service intended. The following features will speed the process and reduce training required for operators:
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You can detect when the end of the file is reached using the member function eof( ), which has the prototype bool eof( ); It returns true when the end of the file has been reached; otherwise, it returns false.
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SQL:2003 Syntax Summary
8.7.2 Simpson's Rule
Power Source: Flash Characteristics: Connections: Image Formats: Video Capture Format: Maximum Video Capture Resolution: Frames per Second: Maximum Video Length: Size: Weight: Other Features: Included Software:
Part II:
A measure is a number that users wish to analyze; it is denoted by a pink sphere or circle. Measures often come from a fact table, but measures such as number of products or number of days could come from a dimension table. Measures are almost always aggregated in some form, such as sum, count, average, min, or max. The only measure that is not aggregated is unit price. Price is a measure, but it applies to one particular product, and it is wrong from a business viewpoint to sum prices across multiple product lines. Average price across multiple product lines would be a more appropriate aggregation; however, the universe should then contain two distinct price objects to ensure users can query both unit price and average price. Universe designers may get confused about measures that apply to one point in time such as inventory quantity, account balances, or number of customers. Measures that should not be aggregated by time (but that may be aggregated by other dimensions such as region or product) are referred to as semi-additive measures. Unfortunately, Business Objects does not provide a solution to ensure that users do not aggregate these measures across time; they are either aggregated or not. Certain OLAP tools such as MS Analysis Services and Essbase do provide capabilities to prevent incorrect aggregation by time. With such measures, then, many designers will think it too risky to allow users to make the mistake of aggregating ending inventory/balances across time. How do users make this mistake Figure 9-2 gives an example from my fictitious bank account. Using the data in Figure 9-2 as an example, assume that the universe references two fact tables: daily debits and credits and daily account balances. If a user builds one query that accesses both tables, the user will generally insert a condition where month equals September. Desktop Intelligence would tell the users that the ending account balance would be $129,955, rather than the correct number of $9,134. (If this were true, I would be vacationing in Florence rather than diligently writing this book!)
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