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Voice processing research and development has been actively pursued for over 30 years, so the technology is well developed by most accounts. And since the mid-1980s, the NIST Speech Group has provided data and methods for measuring the many accomplishments, improvements, and milestones that have occurred. Despite the enormous accomplishments, speaker and voice recognition techniques are not robust enough for all purposes. That is, voice patterns are not highly repeatable by nature, and individuals exhibit these differences in ways that are sometimes problematic. Aside from colds (clogged nasals) and sore throats that may affect performance, the existence of certain statistical animals has been noted for speaker recognition. The animal terminology is used by George Dottington to describe individual statistical differences in identification performance. Sheep are the main herd. They are well behaved, and their voices are regularly accepted. However, certain individuals are simply more prone to be rejected (goats), and others have a voice that is more likely to be impersonated than others (lambs). The critters that are exceptionally good at impersonating others are wolves.19 Like other somewhat less-robust biometrics such as signature recognition, speaker recognition provides valuable additional information for authentication purposes. However, by itself, speaker recognition is not an absolutely conclusive determination of identity. Secure environments might use speaker recognition in conjunction with conventional numerical personal identification numbers (PINs) or passwords. Noisy environments and applications that are not telephone based may favor using a different biometric. While the overall techniques for speech processing are quite functional, current research seeks to address some of the remaining challenge areas. As mentioned earlier, robustness is a known issue. While technology won t change individual differences in speech, it may provide a greater ability to suppress
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Value-based Value-neutral
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Comparison of cam-follower acceleration in Example 6.
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The batteries primary purpose is to keep your robot powered during the competition. These competitions can last up to 5 minutes, so the battery must supply all the power to the robot during that time. Selecting an appropriately sized battery that will confidently run your robot throughout the entire match can be a significant competitive advantage. The lightest battery will allow the robot to use the weight savings for other things, such as weapons and armor. A properly selected battery will have enough capacity to supply full running current continuously to your robot s motors; and it will be able to supply the peak currents that will allow your robot s motors to deliver the maximum torque, when needed.
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first dilating the cervix and then using destructive grasping forceps. Vacuum aspiration may also be used to facilitate the removal Fern test for Cervical mucus is ovulation spread on a clean, dry slide and allowed to dry in the air. A fern-frond pattern is seen under the microscope when ovulation has failed to occur. A nonfrond-like pattern is seen when ovulation has occurred Genital tract biopsy It is the removal of tissue from lesions of the vulva, vagina, cervix, and endometrial cavity
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the reciprocal, we see that secant takes all values greater than or equal to 1 and all values less than or equal to 1. The inverse function is Sec
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3. Choose File | Rename. The Rename dialog box
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Fig. 2.8 Digital Panel Meters
#include <stdio.h> int main() { printf("|%10.5f|\n", 123.23); printf("|%-10.5f|\n", 123.23); printf("|%10.5s|\n", "Hello there"); printf("|%-10.5s|\n", "Hello there"); return 0; }
An important restriction applies to overloading the relational operators: You must overload them in pairs. For example, if you overload <, you must also overload >, and vice versa. The operator pairs are
Task tsk = Task.Factory.StartNew(MyTask);
Auto-End Tasks
Ammeter symbol
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