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optical fiber FOM TDM
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Certi cation Summary
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The first step in mobilization of the software tools is the decision as to which software packages will be used for the various processes. This depends partly on the skills of the project team members and/or the requirements of the downstream processes. Training needs to be considered; since this particular time in history can be seen as the dawn of BIM implementation, it will be difficult to find many individuals with a lot of experience and skills in this field. The regular scheduling of various training sessions can thus be beneficial for the development of a capable and productive project team. Interoperability is a nagging issue when various types of models are going through the different processes within the BIM. The lack of interoperability can be a limiting factor to the BIM and needs to be considered early in the planning. It is advisable to run a simulation of the BIM process (yes, a simulation of the simulation) to test all the actual compatibilities and results of the planned processes as well as to test the skills of the team members. This would consist of taking a small portion of the project (or a sample project) and testing all the anticipated potential problem areas beforehand. This could also apply to the organization of the model and its information; in the case of very complex projects it will help to test the anticipated organization early so adjustments can be made based on the findings of such an experiment. Modeling a portion of the actual project will be very revealing in many ways. Without proper preparation and planning, it is almost inevitable to not feel that a large part of the initial modeling effort was wasted because the true nature of a project will only reveal itself once the project is better understood, and this will not happen without the necessary efforts that are best made by planning and modeling experiments. Space and hardware issues are generally not likely to present problems; but need to be considered to make sure they are in harmony with the team goals. Many workstations will have multiple screens, and the physical location of workstations in relation to the other team members can have a large effect on their ability to collaborate. The i-room is an idea that came from Stanford s CIFE (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering). See Fig. 2.36. The concept developed out of research of collaboration techniques in parallel industries such as automotive or aeronautic engineering. The Figure 2.36 CIFE s lab space showing the i-room at Stanford. (Photo courtesy of CIFE and DPR Construction.)
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One very important subclass of Exception is SystemException. This is the exception class from which all exceptions generated by the C# runtime system (that is, the CLR) are derived. SystemException does not add anything to Exception. It simply defines the top of the standard exceptions hierarchy. The .NET Framework defines several built-in exceptions that are derived from SystemException. For example, when a division-by-zero is attempted, a DivideByZeroException exception is generated. As you will see later in this chapter, you can also create your own exception classes.
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Figure 8-15
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/* This program displays the sum of the two numeric command line arguments. */ #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { double a, b; if(argc!=3) { cout << "Usage: add num num\n"; return 1; } a = atof(argv[1]); b = atof(argv[2]); cout << a + b; return 0; }
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C AUTION When you enter multiple constants, there are no spaces between the semicolons and
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// Use AsOrdered() to retain the order of the result. var negatives = from val in data.AsParallel().AsOrdered() where val < 0 select val;
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4:3 display
Plesiochronous PHY
must be an exact match against the address on the router s interface in order to place it in area 0. Here s another example that accomplishes the same thing:
Key barriers to Carrier Ethernet today
It is known that, near the surface of the earth, a body falls with acceleration (due to gravity) of about 32 ft/sec2 . If we let h(t) be the height of the object at time t (measured in seconds), then our information is that h (t) = 32. Observe the minus sign to indicate that height is decreasing. Now we will do some organized guessing. What could h be It is some function whose derivative is the constant 32. Our experience indicates that polynomials decrease in degree when we differentiate them. That is, the degree goes from 5 to 4, or from 3 to 2. Since, h is a polynomial of degree 0, we therefore determine that h will be a polynomial of degree 1. A moment s thought then suggests that h (t) = 32t. This works! If h (t) = 32t then h (t) = [h (t)] = 32. In fact we can do a bit better. Since constants differentiate to zero, our best guess of what the velocity should be is h (t) = 32t + v0 , where v0 is an undetermined constant. Now let us guess what form h(t) should have. We can learn from our experience in the last paragraph. The antiderivative of 32t (a polynomial of degree 1) should be a polynomial of degree 2. After a little ddling, we guess 16t 2 . And this works. The antiderivative of v0 (a polynomial of degree 0) should be a polynomial of degree 1. After a little ddling, we guess v0 t. And this works. Taking all this information together, we nd that the antiderivative of h (t) = 32t + v0 is h(t) = 16t 2 + v0 t + h0 . ( )
ciscoasa(config)# vpn load-balancing ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# interface lbpublic logical_if_name ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# interface lbprivate logical_if_name ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# cluster ip address virtual_IP_address ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# priority number ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# nat IP_address ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# cluster port port_number ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# cluster encryption ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# cluster key shared_secret_key ciscoasa(config-load-balancing)# participate
Provide Tools to Improve Internal Productivity
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R2 = 4
with four levels. Level 1 is distributed throughout the geographical region being monitored and includes card cages filled with measurement probes. Level 2 controls the probes and collects and concentrates data from the probes, routing it to the central site server (level 3), where application programs analyze the data for various management, alarm, usage, billing, or other purposes. At level 4, workstations for operator interface connect to the central site server via the LAN.
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