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Sets the specified elements of a to zero, null, or false, depending on whether the element type is a value type, a reference type, or Boolean. The elements to be zeroed begin at the index specified by start and run for count elements. Returns a copy of the invoking array. The copy refers to the same elements as does the original. This is called a shallow copy. Thus, changes to the elements affect both arrays since they both use the same elements. Copies count elements from source (beginning at srcIdx) to dest (beginning at destIdx). If both arrays are reference types, then ConstrainedCopy( ) makes a shallow copy, which means that both arrays will refer to the same elements. If an error occurs during the copy, dest is unchanged.
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The Handoff Occurs
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Safety Precautions
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constructing ClassA constructing ClassB
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1. Create the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.4 2. Create a string value JavaHome. 3. Locate the following key in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.4.2_06 4. Copy the data from the JavaHome value in that key to the JavaHome value in the key you created.
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ANSI/IEEE 802.4, ISO 8802/4
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ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) ATM Layer Layer 1 Physical
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One problem that can result when using optional arguments is ambiguity. This can occur when a method that has optional parameters is overloaded. In some cases, the compiler may not be able to determine which version to call when the optional arguments are not specified. For example, consider the following two versions of OptArgMeth( ):
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The const qualifier prevents a variable from being modified by your program.
In the case of console games, the console manufacturer actually constructs the boxes and presses the discs. Manufacturing console games requires more time than PC games, because the console game companies have to do every publisher s games. That means a lot of publishers standing in line, waiting anxiously for their product to come back. Console games also tend to come in standard boxes, so the publisher has little control over what they get back. They design the printing, but the shape of the container is out of their hands. With PC games, the publisher can shop around to find the best manufacturing deal. Often there are huge economies of scale: a run of 70,000 games can cost exactly as much as a run of 100,000. The manufacturers want large runs so they don t have to reset their equipment for someone else, and they re willing to give discounts to get them. Pressing a single CD or DVD costs under a dollar in large quantities; the real money goes for the cardboard and those beautiful multicolored sleeves. Box design has a significant effect on the customer s sense of perceived value. A heavy box with a big manual inside feels valuable. A box with a cover flap and more details inside seems nice; there s more to read about the product. A box with very little printing on it is suspect. It gives the impression that there isn t much to the game. Ultimately, however, manufacturing is one of the places where the publisher wants to keep costs as low as possible, because it s where the rubber meets the road so far as profits are concerned. Every dime they spend on developing and marketing the game, they can consider an investment in its future success; every extra dime they spend on the box comes straight off the bottom line.
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