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// Use a static constructor. using System; class Cons { public static int alpha; public int beta; // A static constructor. static Cons() { alpha = 99; Console.WriteLine("Inside static constructor."); } // An instance constructor. public Cons() { beta = 100; Console.WriteLine("Inside instance constructor."); } } class ConsDemo { static void Main() { Cons ob = new Cons(); Console.WriteLine("Cons.alpha: " + Cons.alpha); Console.WriteLine("ob.beta: " + ob.beta); } }
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In the program, notice that the statement lambda declares a variable called r, uses a for loop, and has a return statement. These are legal inside a statement lambda. In essence, a statement lambda closely parallels an anonymous method. Therefore, many anonymous methods will be converted to statement lambdas when updating legacy code. One other point: When a return statement occurs within a lambda expression, it simply causes a return from the lambda. It does not cause the enclosing method to return. Before concluding, it is worthwhile to see another example that shows the statement lambda in action. The following program reworks the first delegate example in this chapter so it uses statement lambdas (rather than standalone methods) to accomplish various string modifications:
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Figure 8.38 A half-wave rectifier circuit.
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We locate points in the plane by using two coordinate lines (instead of the single line that we used in one dimension). Refer to Fig. 1.6. We determine the coordinates of the given point P by rst determining the x-displacement, or (signed) distance from the y-axis and then determining the y-displacement, or (signed) distance from the x-axis. We refer to this coordinate system as (x, y)-coordinates or Cartesian coordinates. The idea is best understood by way of some examples.
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We can make our rotary current machine more ef cient by placing more magnets on the rotating shaft and by adding a corresponding number of coils of wire, as shown in Figure 4.3. With three times the number of magnets and coils, the result is three times as much generated power. With three times as many magnet poles, each revolution of the shaft produces three times as many cycles. All of the coils still produce current in synchrony, however, so the forms of the output current and voltage remain the same as before.
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A second point that warrants attention is how the NA and MFD are defined. Laser manufactures define their beams in terms of gaussian
equipment than mere mortals own can print your work to magazine quality. But this is only half the story of CorelDRAW output. Take a trip to the following chapter, where output for the Web is explored; you ll want companion pieces up on your website in addition to printed material. Regardless of whether you put dots of ink on a page or broadcast pixels to a screen 10,000 miles away, today it s called publishing your work.
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802.1x with EAP authentication and WEP/TKIP for encryption PSK authentication and WEP/ TKIP for encryption
If you attempt to use a cast to convert a nullable object to its underlying type, a System.InvalidOperationException will be thrown if the nullable object contains a null value. This can occur, for example, when you use a cast to assign the value of a nullable object to a variable of its underlying type. You can avoid the possibility of this exception being thrown by using the operator, which is called the null coalescing operator. It lets you specify a default value that will be used when the nullable object contains null. It also eliminates the need for the cast. The operator has this general form: nullable-object default-value If nullable-object contains a value, then the value of the is that value. Otherwise, the value of the operation is default-value. For example, in the following code balance is null. This causes currentBalance to be assigned the value 0.0 and no exception will be thrown.
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Fig. 3.17 Lifetime Costs per kWh of Battery Types
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// Format time and date information. using System; class CustomTimeAndDateFormatsDemo { static void Main() { DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; Console.WriteLine("Time is {0:hh:mm tt}", dt); Console.WriteLine("24 hour time is {0:HH:mm}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Date is {0:ddd MMM dd, yyyy}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Era: {0:gg}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Time with seconds: " + "{0:HH:mm:ss tt}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Use m for day of month: {0:m}", dt); Console.WriteLine("Use m for minutes: {0:%m}", dt); } }
EoS solutions can result in higher service deployment costs when the network architecture mandates that the transport network support a high degree or density of Ethernet switching functionality and when the conditions described in the benefits section (e.g., a mixture of Carrier Ethernet and traditional TDM services and an existing SONET network) do not apply.5 Determining when all these criteria apply can be difficult to quantify; in some cases, the nature of the Ethernet service and the profile and distribution of its subscribers call for a high degree of switching content in the optical transport network; just as often, perhaps, this architectural decision is driven by history by previous service delivery architectures and vendor selections. When the transport network must support a high degree of Ethernet switching functionality, EoS solutions tend to cost more for two reasons. First, existing MSPP solutions often have advanced Ethernet functions, but typically not at the cost points and service densities of other technology solutions. This could result in more EoS equipment or in ancillary equipment (e.g., Ethernet switches or edge routers) to support the advanced Ethernet functions. This can be mitigated somewhat by the integration of more Ethernet functionality into SONET equipment. More integration is possible and is being pursued by equipment vendors, but this has technical and operational limits. Service providers push against these operational limits when they try to integrate EoS equipment with complex Ethernet functionality into their existing OSSs. This process can be time-consuming (meaning deferred or lost revenues for service providers) and extremely expensive, and is perhaps the chief argument today against integrating significant amounts of complex Ethernet functionality into SONET transport equipment.
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