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Ongoing Development
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At the top of the example, three regular expressions are looking for URLs that end in .avi , .rm , or .asp , in upper- or lowercase. These are included in a regular expression class map. The layer 7 policy map (L7-rtsp-policy) will drop and log any RTSP connections that reference the URLs in the regular expression class map. This layer 7 policy is then referenced in the default layer 3/4 class and policy map configuration across all appliance interfaces.
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This program produces the following output:
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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1 e 3t cos 2t dt = e 3t sin 2t 2
FIGURE 6.1 7
An on-demand application delivery infrastructure enables organizations to deliver applications as a utility-like service, where you pay only for what you use. In this environment, building a robust, reliable, and scalable architecture is essential. The data centers must operate with the discipline used by mainframe shops to control changes, limit access, and implement well-defined policies and procedures. Implementing or maturing IT service and support processes is an important part of an enterprise application delivery infrastructure project. Frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT offer guidance in defining
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At the beginning of the script, you are asked whether or not you want to continue. If you answer yes or y, the script will continue; otherwise, if you answer no or n, the script is aborted and you are returned to Privilege EXEC mode. The second thing that you are asked is if you want to see the status of the router s interfaces. If you answer yes, you ll see all of the interfaces on the router, the interfaces IP addresses, and the status of the interfaces. After the status information, you are taken into the actual configuration. The first part of the configuration deals with all configuration information for the router except for the interfaces, which is the second part. In this part of the configuration, you are asked for things like the Privilege EXEC password, VTY password (telnet and SSH), which network protocols you want to activate globally, and other global configuration information. Note that you are prompted for two Privilege EXEC passwords in the script: enable secret and enable password . Even though you would normally configure only one, the script requires you to enter both and also requires that both passwords be different.
Audio/Video Systems
Understanding Computer Telephony Solutions
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